Smart heating system framework, hot water GPRS remote meter reading, heating enterprise heating network

Qingdao Qingdao HeshengSmart heating system frameworkPledge:
  1. From the date of delivery of the heating network system, it entered the after-sales service period. The after-sales service period includes a free warranty period and a quality maintenance period.

  2. Free warranty period: from the date of normal use of the product or system, within 12 months is a free warranty period. During the free warranty period, Party B will repair and replace the product free of charge for quality problems within the scope of the warranty.

  3. Quality maintenance period: After the quality guarantee period, we will continue to provide lifetime quality preferential services. During the quality maintenance period, the repair service will be charged for materials and labor according to the price of the spare parts set by the company (not higher than the contract price) and maintenance.

  4. The specific service items during the after-sales service period are as follows: Receive user letters, phone calls, and faxes, and reply or handle opinions within 24 hours to satisfy users. And save the corresponding information in the user maintenance telephone record sheet.

  5. Smart heating system framework, hot water GPRS remote meter reading, heating enterprise heating networkRealize the remote measurement, monitoring, control, communication and data collection of physical quantities such as steam, hot water, gas and other energy such as temperature, pressure, flow, heat, density, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of highly automated management. , Open database design: support user-defined monitoring site expansion, monitoring sensor expansion. To meet the needs of the continuous development of enterprises, gprs wireless network can provide a simple and effective means of communication and transmission for the heating system. The gprs system can provide wide-area wireless ip connection.Realizing the wireless data transmission of field instrument data has the advantages of making full use of the existing network, shortening the construction period, and reducing the construction cost, and the equipment is easy to install and easy to maintain.

Qingdao HeshengSmart heating system framework, hot water GPRS remote meter reading, heating enterprise heating networkFeatures:
1. Based on GPRS or CDMA wireless network to realize the monitoring of pipeline operation status in a large range, saving users from expensive network construction and maintenance costs, with high real-time performance and low networking costs;
2. The monitoring information is rich and true, and the system responds quickly;
3. Large-capacity database, no worries about storing historical data;
4. Multiple sub-center support, GPRS access, convenient for user management;
5. Highly reliable industrial grade design, simple maintenance;
6. The economic and social benefits are significant, and the operating cost is low;
7. System scalability: The system should have powerful expansion functions, which can add users at any time, hard copy function, report printing function, calculation tool function.

Qingdao Hesheng Zhiyuan Automation System Co., Ltd.Smart heating system framework, hot water GPRS remote meter reading, heating enterprise heating networkDesign principle:
1. The operator workstation of the monitoring center adoptsB/SStructure, supporting remote access of smart phones and other smart terminals (with Internet access function), using the above technology to develop modular and structured application software suitable for the actual needs of the project, so that the system is more adaptable to the increase of functions and the expansion of scale; The software adopts mature standard Chinese system, friendly man-machine interface, convenient operation, and clear and eye-catching displayed pictures and printed files.

2. The system has high reliability, strong anti-interference performance, high availability and good maintainability.

3. The intelligent heating system is highly reliable and will not affect the normal operation of on-site metering equipment due to local failures.

4.The measurement monitoring system software includes four major parts: computer operating system software, database software, tool software and application software.Application software is based onJAVAThe framework adopts a modular (functional module) structure, which has high development efficiency, convenient maintenance and strong flexibility, so that the end user does not need to write a statement instruction program, and is truly open to users.

Smart heating system framework, hot water GPRS remote meter reading, heating enterprise heating networkIt is a combination of computer technology, sensor technology, data communication technology and integrated prepaid management functions. The prepaid management system is mainly used for the monitoring and management tasks of the metering systems of various thermal users in the industrial park. It uses the GPRS wireless network platform to send the parameters of each thermal network user in the park to the thermal network monitoring center through the secondary instrument and wireless measurement and control communication module. On the database on the hot net server. And through the monitoring software, real-time monitoring of heat network user data, with alarm SMS reminders, trend records, report statistics and analysis, and remote recharge and arrears remote electric valve real-time control functions, to assist heat network dispatch and maintenance personnel to ensure the safety of the heat network , Stable and energy-saving operation is the basic heating network remote meter reading prepayment system.After the system is established, the smart heating management system realizes the unification of the meter reading time, changing the 15-30 minutes of manual manual reading, realizing the fairness of the assessment, reducing the labor intensity of the personnel, and rationally deploying the personnel. The remote meter reading system software transmits commands to the field instruments so that the data of each instrument is transmitted to the corresponding data acquisition module through the rs-485 interface, and the data acquisition module is in accordance with The meter reading task issued by the management center automatically reads various data information from each meter, such as pressure, temperature, flow, power outage information, hourly, daily, and monthly data, etc.

Qingdao Hesheng Zhiyuan Automation System Co., Ltd.

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