Small as a needle: Ams Osram launches the world’s ultra-small digital camera module for disposable endoscopes

China, July 28, 2021-Ams Osram (SIX: AMS), the world’s leading optical solutions provider, today announced the launch of the NanEyeM camera module for disposable medical endoscopes, expanding its NanEye products combination. The high resolution of this product meets current market standards and has the smallest size in the field of digital endoscopy camera modules. At present, medical endoscopes are accelerating the transition from reusable to single-use. The current epidemic has triggered a large demand for disposable bronchoscopes. NanEyeM is designed for single-use applications, ensuring a high degree of sterility and reducing the possibility of cross-infection-which is essential for critically ill patients with COVID-19 and new coronary pneumonia. The small size of 1.0mm x 1.0mm x 2.7mm allows the module to be used in a very small space.

Dina Aguiar, Marketing Manager of Ams OSRAM, said: “Due to its extremely small form factor, NanEyeM is designed for devices with strict space constraints, including single-use applications in bronchoscopy, urinary system endoscopes or renal endoscopic surgery. Coupled with the necessary high-quality images, this camera module can be described as a unique and attractive solution in the rapidly growing disposable endoscope market.”

The structure of NanEyeM

The module adopts cutting-edge chip mounting technology. Among them, the image sensor and optics are placed at the tip (distal) of the device. This makes the image quality significantly better than the image quality when the camera module is located at the other end (near end). NanEyeM has a fully integrated imaging module, which can provide high-quality images due to its integrated wafer-level multiple optical lenses. It is designed for best performance at close range. The lens combines a wide field of view (FoV) and extended depth of field (DOF) to reduce distortion, and the image is clear and accurate. Thanks to the digital LVDS serial interface, the camera has a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Therefore, it can transmit images over long-distance cables without loss of signal integrity or increased noise. NanEyeM also has a frame rate of up to 49fps (frames per second), which can achieve smooth, low-latency display on various standard interfaces while maintaining low power consumption. The image sensor has high pixel sensitivity, which means less illumination is required. This helps control the heating of the tip of the device. The module is equipped with a suitable cable, which can be customized according to customer requirements, up to 3 meters in length. The included cable ensures smooth and seamless integration with endoscopic equipment. The LED light source can be supplemented at the tip.

NanEyeM saves space and costs

NanEyeM’s all-digital output saves the cost of external analog-to-digital conversion (ADC). The module can resist the magnetic interference (EMI/EMC) of medical equipment in the surgical environment, without the need for coaxial cables or shielded cables. The pre-connected cable avoids additional purchase costs. Using NanEyeM in disposable endoscopes saves a lot of energy and financial resources than using reusable endoscopes. In addition, since they do not need to be disinfected before the next use, they can be used at any time. The module also considers the elements of mass production when designing, so it not only ensures cost competitiveness, but also enables mass production.

NanEyeM is the second generation product of Ams Osram NanEye2D. The camera module has been put into production and can be ordered.

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