Sinopharm Noda independently developed a smart logistics integrated service platform

With the continuous advancement of the “Healthy China” strategy, with the medical data center as the core, automation, informatization, and intelligence have become the most significant features of modern medical care. The “Noda Cloud 3.0” developed by Sinopharm Noda Information Center will be fully unveiled in December this year.

It is understood that “Nuoda Cloud” is a smart logistics integrated service platform independently developed by Sinopharm Noda. The 3.0 system combines the application scenarios of hospital logistics, integrates advanced technologies such as big data, the Internet, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, and realizes data through the platform Integration and application integration, integrating the information exchange originally distributed in various business systems into the Noda cloud platform, realizing the interconnection and intercommunication of information in various departments of the hospital’s logistics, fully subverting the traditional management mode, and improving management through digitization and remoteization. Work efficiency, technology empowers medical logistics development, and wisdom escorts healthy China.

Hospital logistics management is a system that provides service guarantees for medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and prevention. With the advent of the 5G era, intelligent hospital logistics management is an inevitable trend of development. According to Fan Hucheng, general manager of Sinopharm Noda, version 3.0 of Noda Cloud will be fully upgraded on the basis of 2.0. With the characteristics of intelligent technology, through the establishment of an informatized, intelligent, standardized, and integrated management system through top-level design, it provides a “one-stop” health service solution for hospital logistics management, and finally forms a closed-loop logistics ecosystem.

It is understood that since its inception, “Noda Cloud 1.0/2.0” has helped many hospitals realize intelligent management and visual presentation, and established a big data center for logistics operations for hospitals, and realizes different application systems and inter-departmental information through big data. Resource integration, to achieve one collection and multiple use, realize real-time update of logistical business data, and satisfy management decision-making, scientific research, and information sharing. Effectively reduce hospital management costs and improve the efficiency of logistics operations. For example, Qingdao Central Hospital, Shandong Provincial Tumor Hospital, Luohe Third People’s Hospital, Luoyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Henan Provincial Hospital, Henan Chest Hospital, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, Lishui City People’s Hospital…

Zhou Yong, director of Sinopharm Noda Information Center, pointed out that Noda Cloud 3.0 will connect various business management modules on the basis of version 2.0 to provide unified data management support for all service systems. Its smart logistics infrastructure applies advanced technologies and methods such as 5G communications, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc., to achieve cross-system and cross-platform interconnection and decision support based on the main index mechanism, and build basic information and security Smart logistics ecosystems such as management, operation management, service management, asset management, and energy management make the logistics operation management and service more secure, low-consumption, and efficient. Fully realize the integration and utilization of information resources in the logistics support system.

In this regard, industry experts said that the integrated service of hospitals’ smart logistics is an important way to achieve scientific management of hospital logistics, improve social and economic benefits, and improve service quality, and is an important part of the hospital’s connotation construction. The integration of new technologies makes it possible for the hospital’s logistics management to realize all-round, all-object, and all-process refined management.

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