Should the dust be fined or removed?

Since May 1st, Tianjin has substantially raised the collection standards for smoke and dust and general dust discharge fees, and for the first time levied dust discharge fees on construction sites. The fee for smoke and dust discharge was increased from the original 0.275 yuan/kg to 2.75 yuan/kg, and the general dust was increased from the original 0.15 yuan/kg to 1.5 yuan/kg, and the construction dust discharge fee was charged at 1.5 yuan per kg. .

After the implementation of the policy, it has received widespread attention from all walks of life. Over the past few days, through interviews with Tianjin citizens, enterprises and relevant government departments, we have learned that all parties have a positive attitude towards this policy and believe that this move will inhibit the dust pollution in Tianjin. , It plays a positive role in improving air quality and building a beautiful Tianjin.

So, where does the dust around us come from?

The survey shows that automobiles, coal, and industry are the three major sources of dust. Wuxi Bodie specializes in handling industrial dust. In more than ten years of practice, it has explored its own set of experience and successfully concentrated hundreds of domestic enterprises. Dust removal projects, a variety of products: mobile, ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, high negative pressure, robot dust processor, etc., and different series of dust processors have been launched specifically for various industries. “Effectively targeted, efficient “Purification” is the characteristic of Bodi’s dust removal products. In a number of experiments, Bodi’s dust treatment equipment consumes 30% less electricity than similar products on the market, which is equivalent to saving thousands of yuan in electricity bills for the company a year, while also protecting the health of workers. Happy but not for?

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