Short 3 tons mining forklift with high arm lift and high strength L

When loading and unloading materials, mining loaders are often difficult to dump cleanly due to the adhesion of the materials on the inner bottom of the bucket, and they may even become more sticky. When the workload is large, if the adhered materials are not knocked off, the total amount of bucket loading and unloading will be reduced, power consumption and use cost will be increased, and the user’s economic benefits will be affected.In order to knock off the adhered material, the operator needs to manipulate the handle to make the bucket cylinder move quickly (that is, quickly flip the bucket), so that the limit block at the bottom of the bucket quickly hits the boom stringer, using the strong vibration generated at this time Vibrate the material adhering to the bottom of the bucket. This operation is called bucket knocking.
  If the mining loader uses too much force and vibration when knocking on the bucket, it will not only cause early damage to the related parts of the loader, but also cause discomfort to the operator; if the force is too small, the vibration is too weak, it will stick to the inner bottom of the bucket The material on the loader is not easy to be shaken off, which will affect the efficiency of the loader. For the knocking bucket, the strength required to achieve the material that clearly adheres to the inner bottom of the bucket should be the standard to prevent excessive or too little force when knocking.
The main features of this model: ultra-standard power and transmission system, strengthened axles, strengthened working devices, large bucket capacity, and high work efficiency. It is suitable for mines under 2.5 meters * 2.5 meters, and can replace 30 loaders in a sense. The position where the feet are placed is open, which can effectively relieve the fatigue of the feet from long-term work. The standard configuration installs a water filtration system to effectively solve the emission problem, and an optional chemical purification device reduces the emission of harmful gases. It can also be used in harsh environments. Adjustable protective shed to meet various needs.
Description of mining loader: 1. Equipped with Yunnei 4102 supercharged engine with strong power and rated power of 76kw; 2. The engine cover adopts high-strength structure, sturdy and durable, and can effectively protect the engine and avoid falling objects to damage the engine. . 3. The radiator structure adopts five-blade unequal-angle fan, and the cooling system adopts aluminum radiator, which increases the effective heat dissipation area. The air inlet and outlet design of the entire cooling system effectively reduces the engine water temperature and the oil temperature of the hydraulic system, and heat balance The temperature is lower, which improves the cooling efficiency of the whole machine and can adapt to a higher working environment temperature.
4. The hydraulic integral torque converter is adopted, which has high reliability and convenient maintenance; the operation is light, fast and flexible, the fatigue strength is low, and the operation efficiency is high. It can make full use of the power of the engine and increase the torque. Traction; compact structure, high transmission efficiency, large torque reserve, reliable performance, fast speed and long service life. 5. The exhaust gas discharged by the engine is filtered through two stages to ensure the health problems of workers in the poorly ventilated space.

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