Shenzhen smart rice mill manufacturer

In peopleDiet viewAfter the change from full to good eating, people now pay more attention to the freshness and nutrition of the diet, and rice is used as people’s daily diet.,Do we haveScientific cognition?As everyone knows, the shelf life of fresh rice is20About days, nutritional content beyond the time periodCanGradually lost, coupled with the time spent in each link of transportation, storage, and sales, the rice that actually arrives on the table often takes several months or even longer, and the nutrition is lost to starch. If you buy old rice, Mildew rice does not need to talk about health and nutrition, and it may cause adverse effects on the body. With this in mind,Shenzhen Airlite TechnologyautomaticSmart grindRice machineAlreadyFor this.

Ai Leite Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart rice milling equipment production enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. It is a leading provider of Internet of Things technology R&D, smart equipment high-end manufacturing and system integration solutions in the industry. At the same time, it is an enterprise with the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing and robotics. The product contains three series:

1,ATMSelf-service rice mills cover high-end places in first-tier cities such as community communities, banks, canteens, and apartments;

2,Smart rice mills are also called supermarket rice mills. The main markets include shopping malls, supermarkets, neighborhoods and other shopping and living places;

3.The main markets for small rice mills are self-employed, rice shops, agricultural products processing, and farmers’ own use.

The arrival of Aireite intelligent rice milling machinePure natural, pollution-free healthy green rice is delivered directly to the people,solvedSuddenly there is no rice when cooking, just go downstairs to find the equipment, click to buy rice, scan the code and pay.saveNSTime to queue up to buy rice,at the same timeYou can buy freshly rolled high-quality products that meet your own tastes at your doorstepofRice.The concept of healthy, fresh and nutritious diet is becoming more and more sought after by people. The emergence of intelligent unmanned rice mills meets people’s needs for food nutrients and effectively guarantees the safety of rice consumption.

Ai Leite Technology Co., Ltd. adhering toCandid, professional, dedicated, cooperative, innovativeFrom the perspective of customers, we will bring safer, more reliable, reliable, and convenient products to people. Nourish every meal, healthy everyone, happy every day, as a manufacturer, can bring people healthy and beneficial products, it is our pride and happiness from the heart!

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We are sincerely looking forward to your cooperation, warmly welcome you join us to share the market, and expand our business together!

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