Shenyang Machine Tool breaks through the monopoly of developed countries and fully supports China’s manufacturing

The five new series of products that came out through 7 years of research and development are known as a product revolution in the new round of product structure adjustment of Shenyang Machine Tool Group. Nowadays, the practical significance of this revolution is becoming more and more prominent: in the first half of this year, Shenyang Machine Tool completed sales revenue of 7.4 billion yuan, an increase of 56% year-on-year, setting a new historical record. Practicing the three-in-one innovation model of technology, management and operation, Shenyang Machine Tool is leading the Chinese machine tool industry to open a new era of independent innovation. The pace of China’s machine tool “boss”, the world’s “top five” and the world’s top five is quietly accelerating.

Shenyang Machine Tool has entered a very important transitional period from the previous closed doors and sluggish research and development, to the current customer and market demand-oriented, a complete set of technical, management, and business service systems have been established. In this transition period, the main line of independent innovation is to consolidate the market, to replace imports, to build a brand outside, and to nurture “cutting technology solution experts” as the symbol, highlight the role of the leading role of scientific research, marketing, and service teams, and then realize the enterprise and industry The overall improvement.

For this reason, Shenyang Machine Tool has spent four to five billion yuan each year in scientific research and development in recent years, and finally developed the “Flying” series of Swordsman Nanjing CNC Machine Tool Show. According to reports, the FBC200r large-scale CNC floor-type milling and boring machining center is a universal heavy-duty machine tool with the highest technical level among similar products in China, with an output value of 200 million yuan this year.

Aiming at the needs of the international market, Shenyang Machine Tool has established a socialized and international R&D system with Shenyang as the main body, and the German branch center and the Shanghai branch center as the auxiliary. The five series of vehicles and more than 290 new medium and high-end CNC machine tools are all independently developed. The CNC rate of the products has increased from 33% in 2002 to 56% in 2009. In the first half of this year, the output of Shenyang machine tools’ CNC products reached 12,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 2.4 times. The products of Shenyang Machine Tool are breaking through the monopoly of developed countries and fully supporting Chinese manufacturing.

The 4S distribution model and 400 customer service platform are another innovation of Shenyang Machine Tool. Shenyang Machine Tool has spread its service tentacles in many provinces, and the number of 4S stores will reach 10 within the year. This service model that leads the industry’s development direction will also be extended to the European market. Since the establishment of the new service platform, the customer satisfaction rate of Shenyang Machine Tool has increased from 63% to 90.5%.

The leading position of Shenyang machine tool industry in the domestic industry is unshakable, and it is gathering and bursting new forces to promote the innovation and development of China’s machine tool industry. At present, with Shenyang Machine Tool as the leader, a machine tool industry cluster with a volume of 100 billion is accelerating to form in Tiexi, Shenyang. 39 machine tool enterprises have been established in the zone. There are as many as 15 machine tool enterprises, and 28 projects are under negotiation.

According to Li Songlin, the mayor of Tiexi District, in order to further promote the rapid development of the machine tool industry, Tiexi District is stepping up the construction of a large-scale CNC machine tool industrial park covering an area of ​​400,000 square meters. With the successful signing of the second phase expansion project of BMW, the zone has planned a machine tool functional parts industrial park covering an area of ​​1 square kilometers near the BMW Automobile Industrial Park. It is expected that within two years, Tiexi District will introduce another 10 machine tool host companies to accelerate the realization of the development goal of “building a machine tool industry cluster of 100 billion in 10 years”.

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