Selection of rail guards for CNC lathes

The protective cover of the CNC lathe rail is a traditional way of protecting machine tools. In this field, steel telescopic guide rail guards are widely used, which play a useful protective role in preventing the entry of chips and other sharp objects. It can also be effectively lowered and cooled through a certain structure method and a suitable scraper. The entry of liquid. The steel telescopic guide rail protective cover of our company’s CNC lathe can get used to the demands of modern machine tools for high-tech, accurate equipment orientation and high working speed.

  • 1. Rugged and durable, work smoothly, low noise, beautiful shape. 3. The equipment not only protects the service life of the shield, but more importantly, it guarantees the precision of the equipment.
  • 2. Each section of the steel plate protective cover is opened in parallel and retracted together in parallel, making it work freely. The guard plate will not be out of joint and there will be impact noise, which is both beautiful and prolongs the service life of the guard plate.
  • 3. The CNC lathe is covered with a layer of stainless steel cover on the basis of the original sealing strip to prevent the high temperature burn of iron filings from rubbing into the rail surface and straining the guide rail. It is suitable for high-speed transportation head bed rail protection which is stable without vibration and noise.

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