Screen printing machine maintenance and maintenance

Screen printing machine maintenance and maintenance

1. The screen must be stored in a dry and clean place. Do not clean the screen plate with water, alcohol or other water solvents, especially when cleaning the printing surface of the screen plate. It must be washed with slow-drying water and stored.

2. Pay attention to whether the printed product has sharp shuttle corners and burrs, which may scratch the screen.

3. Pay attention to rainy weather, damp air, and the screen plate is very roomy to wash out, pay attention to care.

4. The cleaned screen should be placed in a screen cabinet, neatly placed and clearly marked, so that the corresponding screen can be found accurately and quickly when it is convenient to use.

5. When the screen has oil leakage, damage, or the font of the screen printing becomes thicker or thinner, it must be scrapped after the quality assurance is confirmed to be unusable, and the screen printing workshop director will re-arrange a new plate making.

6. For the more frequently used screens, you need to make a backup screen.

7. Use the new screen when printing. Before the first printing, you need to confirm the screen in all aspects, including: font size, font size, line thickness, pattern, printing position size, whether there are broken lines, whether the screen is in good condition, etc. , Can be used after confirmation.

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