Scientific Selection of Coolant for Processing Titanium Alloy Parts

There are many kinds of coolants to choose from, but when machining, we have to choose different coolants according to different parts, because the purpose of this will also increase the service life of the tool to different degrees; the following is from the small I will tell you the scientific selection of coolant for processing titanium alloy parts?

Scientific Selection of Coolant for Processing Titanium Alloy Parts

1. First, an independent laboratory can be used to test different coolants, which can provide the fair data needed for the correct selection of coolants for titanium alloy processing.

2. In the current difficult economic environment, increasing the life of cutting tools can provide an important competitive advantage. In the machining process, choosing the right coolant can increase the tool life by 15%-30%. But how can the end user know which coolant is the right choice?

3. In the aerospace parts manufacturing industry, the correct selection of coolant is particularly important, because the industry is highly competitive. The uncertain economic environment has increased the pressure on component manufacturers to control costs. They need to optimize processing procedures, test new tool technologies, and upgrade processing machine tools.

4. When processing titanium alloys, careful consideration is required to determine which metal cutting fluid to use; for the most effective analysis, the same tool and workpiece material as the evaluated processing process need to be used for cutting tests. When processing a workpiece, all other parameters except the coolant are kept constant. The load on the spindle of the machine tool can be measured by the current change, and the lubricating performance of which coolant is better can be determined.

5. Due to the high strength, light weight and corrosion resistance of titanium alloy, many aircraft parts are made of titanium alloy. Adequate lubrication is essential for the effective machining of titanium alloys, because insufficient lubrication is a common cause of cutting tool failure.

The above is about the scientific selection of coolant for titanium alloy parts processing. From the above aspects, it can be seen how important is the selection of coolant in mechanical processing and production; therefore, the scientific and reasonable selection of coolant is also increased. The key to tool life.

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