Sart Construction Machinery Exhibition 2013

2013 Saudi Construction Machinery Vehicle Exhibition PMV
Contact: Zhu Feng
Exhibition time: November 4-7, 2013
Exhibition location: Riyadh International Exhibition Center, Saudi Arabia
Organizing Committee: REC
Exhibition cycle: once a year
Exhibition introduction: The Saudi Construction Machinery and Vehicle Exhibition is a professional exhibition of construction equipment, machinery, tools and vehicles in Saudi Arabia. The firestorm in the construction market in the Middle East has begun to develop into a strong demand for construction, construction machinery and vehicles. The exhibition provides an opportunity for global suppliers of factory equipment, machinery, construction vehicles and equipment to meet face-to-face with buyers from various countries in the Middle East. It also provides a brand-new profit platform for Chinese companies.
Market analysis: 1. Saudi Arabia is the largest end consumer market in the Middle East: up to 60% of Middle Eastern imports are consumed in Saudi Arabia; compared with mature markets such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia, it can guarantee exporters’ profits; more than 50% of Dubai’s products are re-exported To Saudi Arabia. 2 Saudi Arabia has the world’s largest oil reserves, its annual purchasing power is 17.4 billion U.S. dollars, and its purchasing power has reached more than 46% of **P. 3 The continued growth of Saudi population provides a strong guarantee for the prosperity of the Saudi construction industry. According to estimates by the Riyadh Development Authority, the population will increase from the current 5 million to over 6 million in the next five years, and an additional 570,000 housing units will be needed to meet the demand. 4 In order to cater to the growth of homeland reconstruction, the Saudi government has proposed an infrastructure and public facility construction plan worth 35 billion U.S. dollars. 5 Iraq is facing post-war reconstruction and needs to purchase a large number of building materials from nearby neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia. Chinese products are inexpensive and good-quality, and are more competitive than European and American products. 6 China’s current export value to Saudi Arabia is less than 10% of its total import value, which is far lower than the export of products from developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan to the region. The development potential of Chinese products in the Saudi market is strong, and there is great room for growth!
Exhibition review: Saudi Arabia’s building materials market worth tens of billions of dollars, Riyadh’s leading position in the building materials field, and an exhibition scale of 25,000 square meters make the Saudi Building Materials Exhibition held in Riyadh the largest and most influential international in the Middle East Construction trade show, this is a leading construction trade show in the construction industry. There were 612 exhibitors from 26 countries in the last exhibition, of which 59 companies were from China, the on-site intended transaction volume reached US$681 million, and there were 35,760 registered professional buyers.
Exhibits: Construction vehicles: dump trucks, tractors, mixers, excavators, bulldozers, trucks, trailers, forklifts, lift trucks, semi-trailer tractors, trucks for transporting special parts, road sweepers, asphalt paving equipment, body parts , Earth-moving equipment, various spare parts;
Construction machinery: special machinery for tunnel engineering, tunnel boring machines, excavators, backhoe loaders, elevators, scrapers, bulldozers, spare parts, stacker drilling equipment and systems, welding equipment and accessories, cable laying machinery, pipelines And cable detectors, compressors, road rollers, plate vibrators, tamping, soil curing agents, garbage compactors, road construction, maintenance and repair special machinery, railway paving machinery, wall cutting machines;
Lifting and conveying devices: cranes, cranes, conveying platforms, working platforms, aerial work platforms, lifts, pulley hinges, electric cranes, electric hoists, vacuum handling systems, compactors, compressors, pumps, blasting construction machinery, heavy machinery And equipment, drills, unloaders, excavators and prop hydraulic machinery, etc.
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