Restart the national mining machinery and equipment market demand is expected to grow

The Ministry of Land and Resources recently issued the “Decision of the State Council on Strengthening Geological Work”, which restarted nationwide mining after a lapse of 28 years. This indicates that the demand for mining machinery and equipment is expected to grow, especially in the upstream of the industrial chain, such as drilling and field mining. equipment.

In addition, with the vigorous development of the coal industry and the continuous promotion of clean coal technology, secondary conversion equipment such as coal coking, liquefaction, and gasification will also develop rapidly. Development and development of large-scale coking equipment, large-scale coal liquefaction vessels, and large-scale coal gasification The furnace is imperative. Some experts believe that the new round of competition among mining machinery companies will also be reflected in environmentally friendly products.

At present, my country’s mining machinery industry has a large gap in the output, quality, variety and specifications of high value-added products. At the same time, it has a certain level with developed countries in terms of new industries, new equipment, new technology primitive development and engineering. In addition, my country’s mining machinery industry has high energy consumption and needs to be improved in terms of environmental protection. These problems have not received enough attention when the economic benefits of the mining machinery industry are good, and the resumption of the national mining operation issued by the Ministry of Land and Resources is a good opportunity for the mining machinery industry to adjust its product structure and provide some low added value. The production of products with high energy consumption and high pollution will be reduced or even stopped decisively, and some new products will be launched in a targeted manner, which is of great significance to the survival and development of the mining machinery industry in the long run.

In recent years, the continuous development of domestic infrastructure construction has driven the rapid development of the domestic mining machinery industry, and the expansion of construction scale and scope has promoted the rapid development of construction machinery and related mining machinery, providing a larger market space for the mining machinery industry . However, affected by the financial crisis, from 2008 to the first half of 2009, the mining machinery market showed a significant shrinkage.

According to statistics from the Mining Machinery Branch of the China Heavy Machinery Association, the total industrial output value of my country’s metallurgical and mining machinery industry from January to June 2009 reached 119.82 billion yuan, an increase of 23.74% year-on-year. “This time last year should be the peak season for mining equipment exports, but this year’s situation is much worse. A rough estimate is that sales are at least 30% lower than last year.” An industry insider said. Zhang Shengqi, secretary-general of the branch, also said that through a survey of 394 companies in the mining machinery industry, the total industrial output value of the industry has increased by 18.3% over last year, but it has dropped significantly from the 40% increase last year.

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