Related knowledge of several equipment of composite board machine

The products produced by the 13-65-850 profiling equipment have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, heavy bearing capacity, and good seismic resistance, and are widely used in the field of multi-story and high-rise steel structure buildings.

Wave-type tile press equipment includes: complete machine, PLC computer control system, special shearing equipment, and professional hydraulic system. Features and uses of the color steel profile equipment: the profile plate rolled by the company’s color steel tile equipment is both solemn and elegant, beautiful and novel, and has a flat appearance, uniform ripples, high utilization, high strength, and high production automation. , Low cost and durable. The product is mainly suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises and civil buildings, such as factory buildings, machine garages, hangars, stadiums, exhibition halls, theaters, etc.

The 51-380-760 angle-chi forming machine adopts Taiwan Delta DVP14ES host computer, and uses an electronic control system with text screen display, which is easy to operate and easy to use.

The color steel plate equipment uses high-level automatic control software to realize production information management; the entire unit automation control system uses a highly integrated network to make the automation system more superior; the color steel tile equipment also has operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical Advantages such as easy debugging and mold replacement. Color steel tile all-steel structure factory building frame, single-sided color steel plate steel structure factory building, multi-span steel structure workshop, workshop with wooden crane beams, villa-style color steel plate house with cross color steel plate ceiling, roof addition, large-span factory building, Light steel structure ring shed.

The double-layer color steel tile forming machine is economical and can combine two types of equipment into one, which saves floor space, and the double-layer cost is much lower than two single-layer machines, which is the first choice for users.

Composite board machine

With the rapid development of industry, the demand for steel structure workshops and simple houses is increasing. According to architecture experts, the most promising houses in the future will be replaced by steel structures and color steel houses!

Our company is optimistic about the international trend, invested a lot of money, hired outstanding color steel equipment engineers from all over the country, and is committed to the development and production of color steel equipment! Now it has developed into a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, installation, commissioning and providing technical consulting for tile presses. It has advanced production equipment and excellent development and design talents. The products are high-efficiency, high-precision, and low processing consumption. And other characteristics are at the leading level in the same industry. The products are sold all over the world and are well received by users.

Main products: color steel insulation composite board production line, angle chi 760 type, 820 type; ordinary 820 type, 840 type, 860 type, 900 type, 910 type, 688 type tile press equipment; C, Z, U type steel machine, all Automatic punching, twisting and flying; 4m shearing machine, bending machine, and composite board machine as the main series of tile press products.

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