Quality inspection requirements for the first stamping parts

In the production process of stamping hardware, it is necessary to pass the first piece inspection and recognition for the newly produced finished products or semi-finished products. This first piece of inspection is serious, careful and serious, and it is a judgment that requires each data to be compared with the drawing.

For conventionally produced products, the first inspection must be carried out according to the batch.

If the machine is shut down due to equipment, process, etc., the first article inspection and recognition shall be carried out when shutting down and restarting.

The first article inspection and approval shall be carried out when the product materials and specifications are changed and put into production.
When inspecting the first piece of a new product, the production unit should be responsible for telling the inspection personnel to carry out the inspection according to the current useful drawings, checklists (or samples supplied by the customer), and process documents. Sign and hang the card on the first product to mark the first product; if the first product fails the inspection, return it immediately, redo the first product, and make a record. Products that have not passed the first inspection shall not be inspected. ,

The first piece is a batch-produced sample, which will be retained by the production part until the entire batch is completed before being delivered.

During the first piece inspection, all raw and auxiliary materials used in the production process of the product should be checked, and it must comply with the rules.

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