PTJ Electromechanical explains the development history of CNC machine tools for you

PTJ Electromechanical will explain to youThe development history of CNC machine tools

After World War II, most of the production in the manufacturing industry relied on manual operations. After the workers understood the drawings, they manually operated the machine tools and processed the parts. Using this method to produce products was costly, low efficiency, and quality was not guaranteed.

exist20century40At the end of the decade, there was an engineer Parsons in the United States(John Parsons)A method was conceived of punching holes on a hard paper card to represent the geometry of the parts to be processed, and using a hard card to control the movements of the machine tool. At that time, this was just a concept.

1948In 1988, Parsons showed his idea to the U.S. Air Force. After seeing it, the U.S. Air Force expressed great interest because the U.S. Air Force is looking for an advanced processing method, hoping to solve the problem of processing aircraft exterior templates. The shape of the model is complicated, the precision is high, and the general equipment is difficult to adapt. The US Air Force immediately commissioned and sponsored the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)Research and develop this machine tool controlled by hard cardboard, finally in1952In 1988, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Parsons Co., Ltd. successfully developed the first demonstration machine.1960The relatively simple and economical point control drilling machines and linear control numerical control milling machines have been developed rapidly, which has gradually promoted numerical control machine tools in various sectors of the manufacturing industry.

CNCThe history of processing has gone through more than half a century,NCThe numerical control system has also developed from the earliest analog signal circuit control to an extremely complex integrated processing system, and the programming method has also been developed manually into an intelligent and powerfulCAD/CAMIntegrated system.

As far as my country is concerned, the development of CNC technology is relatively slow, for most workshops in China. The equipment is relatively backward, and the technical level and concept of the personnel are backward, which is manifested in the low processing quality and processing efficiency, and often delays the delivery date.

1, The first generationNCSystem is on1951Introduced in the year, its control unit is mainly composed of various valves and analog circuits,1952The first CNC machine tool was born in 2009, and it has developed from a milling machine or a lathe to a machining center, becoming a key equipment in modern manufacturing.

2, Second generationNCSystem on1959It was produced in 1999, and it is mainly composed of a single transistor and other components.

3,1965Introduced the third generationNCSystem, which uses an integrated circuit board for the first time.

4, Actually, in1964The fourth generation has been developedNCSystem, that is, the computer digital control system that we are very familiar with(CNCControl System).

5,1975Year,NCThe system uses a powerful microprocessor, this is the fifth generationNCsystem.

6, The sixth generationNCThe system uses the current integrated manufacturing system(MIS)+DNC+Flexible processing system(FMS)

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