Protection and treatment of natural stone

Not all natural stones need protection. If it is only waterproof and alkali-proof, some high-hardness, high-density stones can not be protected during dry hanging construction. This situation also applies to some coarse-grained granite. The cleaning and maintenance of the stone are indispensable. First, it must be clean and clean to prevent sand and hard objects from abrading the surface of the stone; Second, it must be ventilated and dry; Third, it must be cleaned immediately when encountering pollution; Fourth, regular protective treatment must be carried out. ) Do it once every 1-3 years; Fifth, pay attention to the selection of the types of protective agents to maintain the air permeability, water resistance, and antifouling properties of the stone. Dou Xueqiang, an engineer at the Bohai Rim Building Materials Center, reminded consumers that they must also achieve the “three musts”. Do not wax at will to form wax stains to make the surface yellow; do not use non-neutral detergents, as acids and alkalis will make the stone surface shiny. Lost; Do not often pile up debris on the stone and cover the carpet.

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