Precautions for the use of pipe hydrostatic testing machine

The pipe hydrostatic testing machine is mainly used to determine the pressure failure time of thermoplastic pipes and composite pipes under constant internal pressure and constant temperature for a long time or the maximum pressure value of instantaneous blasting. It is a necessary testing equipment for plastic pipe manufacturers and testing institutions. . I believe that many friends who are familiar with the industry have seen or used this equipment.

For the use of the pipe hydrostatic testing machine, please note that this is already mentioned in the news headline. In fact, what are the matters that need to be paid attention to when using this product for experiments? As follows:

1. Save the instructions for reference. Before using this instrument, be sure to read this manual carefully.

2. Do not place the instrument on an unstable place.

3. Use the instrument under the specified power supply conditions.

4. Do not place any objects on the main power cord of the hydrostatic testing machine, and do not place the instrument where people can step on the power cord.

5. If an extension cord is used for this product, make sure that the rated current of the original cord and the extension cord are the same.

6. Do not move any panel of the instrument, and do not place any objects on the body. Failure to follow this operating procedure will result in the risk of fire or electric shock. Do not spray any liquid on the main body.

7. To prevent electric shock, do not repair the instrument by yourself. Open or remove the cabinet, there may be a high voltage hazard.

8. After the test is completed, please turn off the power to avoid accidents.

9. The experimenter of the pipe hydrostatic testing machine should be convenient for watering and draining.

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