Points to remember for ball valve construction

1) The installation position, height, and direction of inlet and outlet must meet the design requirements, and the electric butterfly valve should be connected firmly and tightly.

2) The handles of various manual valves installed on the thermal insulation pipeline must not be downward.

3) Visual inspection must be carried out before the valve is installed. The nameplate of the valve should meet the requirements of the current national standard “General Valve Marking” GB 12220. For valves with a working pressure greater than 1.0 MPa and a cut-off function on the main pipe, the electric ball valve should be tested for strength and tightness before installation, and use it only after it is qualified. During the strength test, the test pressure is 1.5 times the nominal pressure and the duration is not less than 5min. The valve housing and packing should be qualified without leakage. During the tightness test, the test pressure is 1.1 times the nominal pressure; the test pressure should meet the requirements of the GB 50243 standard during the test duration, and no leakage on the valve flap sealing surface is qualified.

4) Install a gasket between the valve flange and the pipeline flange according to the pipeline design requirements.

5) The ball valve with transmission mechanism should be installed according to the product manual.

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