Plastic sheet extruder application industry

Mainly used in industries such as wire and cable materials, engineering plastics, modified plastics, elastomers, high-filling masterbatch, color masterbatch, degradable sheet, profile, packaging tape and film. Machine use: Used to produce PP, PE, PS, PET, EVA, ABS and other plastic sheets. Features of the machine: 1. The screw adopts a special mixing function and a high plasticizing capacity design to ensure that the plastic melts, the color is uniform, and the extrusion volume is increased. The hanger-type die adopts a special variable throttling design to make the thickness adjustment of the plate more accurate. 2. The temperature control error is 1℃, which can accurately control the plasticizing process and the thickness and flatness of the plate. 3. The roller forming and pressing roller table adopts horizontal or vertical type, which can be lifted and lowered, which is convenient to adjust the thickness of the sheet and improve the quality of the sheet. 4. The winding device adopts four-axis, with the automatic tension control of the advanced torque motor, and the speed can be adjusted at will And the winding tension to achieve the flatness of the sheet winding.

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