Performance test and operation test of gear pump before delivery

Each gear pump produced by Botou Zhonglian Gear Oil Pump Factory should be tested for performance and operation at the design speed before leaving the factory.

The performance test of the gear pump should be carried out under five different flow rates (including the dead point, the minimum continuous flow rate and 110% of the design capacity in order to obtain a reasonable performance curve

Gear pump performance curves and data include: total head, efficiency, shaft power and speed and correction calculations, make HQ, PQ, curve vibration and temperature rise; noise measurement; NPSH test;

Gear pump mechanical operation test: After the performance test, the mechanical continuous operation test should be carried out under the design conditions to check the mechanical operation. The inspection time is usually one hour. When the test equipment cannot be the pump running at the design speed, the test speed It can be different from the design speed, and the range of change is the rated speed. If necessary disassembly is required, the initial test result is invalid, and the final test shall prevail.

The concept of a gear pump is very simple, that is, its most basic form is that two gears of the same size mesh with each other in a tightly fitting shell. The inside of the shell is similar to the “8” shape, and two gears are installed in it. , The outer diameter and both sides of the gear are tightly matched with the housing. The material from the extruder enters the middle of the two gears at the suction port, and fills the space, moves along the housing with the rotation of the teeth, and is finally discharged when the two teeth mesh.

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