Operation of fly ash dryer when drying materials

my country is an important gold producer in the world, but the gold resources of Yixuanye have been declining in recent years, and difficult-to-treat resources have accounted for about one-third of the proven resources. Moreover, the prospective reserves of refractory gold mines are even more impressive.

When the fly ash dryer is drying materials, it is mainly through the operation of the fly ash dryer to generate heat and finally achieve the purpose of drying the materials. Nowadays, the drying method of fly ash dryer mainly transfers heat through convection heat exchange, so the amount of heat transfer is the key to the operation of fly ash dryer. So how to improve the convective heat exchange type of fly ash dryer, and what are the specific measures? The following Red Star Machinery Fly Ash Dryer Equipment Factory will give you a detailed analysis of the above problems, I hope it can be helpful to you!

Measures 1. Improve the heat transfer efficiency of the gas-solid phase

Increasing the heat transfer efficiency of the gas-solid phase of the fly ash dryer can significantly improve the heat transfer efficiency of the fly ash dryer, thereby improving the working efficiency of the fly ash dryer. Firstly, by strengthening the heat preservation of the cylinder body, the heating from the boiling furnace can increase the temperature difference between the gas and the solid phase; secondly, the solid phase heating area can be increased; finally, the hot gas flow rate of the fly ash dryer can be increased to speed up the fly ash The flow rate of the hot gas in the dryer cylinder. Therefore, in the design, the particle size of the wet material into the machine is set, and the boiling furnace is designed correctly for heating.

Measure 2. Reasonably design the tail end exhaust and dust removal system and the head end heating air system

Reasonable design of its tail end exhaust and dust removal system and head end hot air supply system can ensure the full pressure of the exhaust fan and the proper air volume to ensure the efficiency of the fly ash dryer. If the total pressure is too low and the air volume is too small, it will affect the air extraction of the fly ash dryer and affect the efficiency of the fly ash dryer; if the total pressure of the fly ash dryer is too high and the air volume is too large, it will The need to increase power consumption will easily lead to an increase in the temperature of the off-machine exhaust gas and waste heat flow. Therefore, the total pressure and air volume of the fly ash dryer must be set correctly.

At present, more than 10 biological gold extraction plants have been completed and put into operation in the world. Prior to this, my country has built two biological gold extraction plants. The gold extraction plant of Tianli Company in Fengcheng is located in the coldest area of ​​the established plants in the world. The bacteria’s oxidation activity and temperature adaptation range are at the world’s leading level.

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