Observation on the Effect of Ozone Water in Treating Cervical Erosion

Abstract Objective: To observe the clinical effect of ozone water machine in the treatment of cervical erosion. Methods: 120 cases of cervical erosion were treated with ozone water machine and drugs. Results: The cure rate of mild erosion is 98.21%, and the effective rate is 100%; the cure rate of moderate erosion is 82.50%, and the effective rate is 100%; the cure rate of severe erosion is 66.67%, and the effective rate is 91.67%. Conclusion: Ozone water is effective in treating cervical erosion, especially It has a significant effect on mild to moderate cervical erosion. Keywords ozone water treatment of cervical erosion doi:10.3969/j.issn.1007 -614x.2009.17 160

Materials and Methods

There are 120 patients with cervical erosion, aged 19-55 years old, with an average of 30 years old. They are all married, non-pregnant, and have not been treated by other methods recently. The cancer was ruled out by cervical scraping. Among the 120 cases in this group, 56 had mild cervical erosion, 40 had moderate cervical erosion, and 24 had severe cervical erosion. All of them had different degrees of leucorrhea abnormalities, waist and abdomen pain, menstrual disorders, and bleeding and other discomforts, and no serious liver, kidney, heart, lung and other diseases. Evaluation of cervical erosion: According to the size of cervical erosion, it is divided into mild cervical erosion, moderate cervical erosion and severe cervical erosion. Where the erosion area accounts for less than 1/3 of the total area of ​​the cervix, it is considered as mild erosion; those with erosion area accounting for 1/3~2/3 of the total area of ​​the cervix are considered as moderate erosion; if the area erosion exceeds 2/3 of the total area of ​​the cervix, it is considered mild erosion. Severe cervical erosion? .

Methods: Routine examination of leucorrhea and cervical cytology were performed before operation. Acute inflammation and cervical malignancies were excluded (2 600 g, 1 case 2 800 g), 1 case was a giant baby (newborn weight 4 O00 g), 1 case had a history of 3 miscarriages , Cervical inflammation is obvious, the cervix has obviously lost its toughness, the tearing edge is incomplete, and it is obviously bleeding, which is difficult to suture. The other 2 cases have no obvious inducement. After careful suturing, compression and placement of misoprostol, intravenous infusion of oxytocin, hemostatic acid, hemostatic acid, hemosensitization, vitamin C injection and other supportive symptomatic and active treatment, it improved without causing more serious consequences. One case of postpartum hemorrhage caused by retained placenta: a primiparous woman who failed to take the placenta by hand, and then expelled it spontaneously. Check that the placenta and fetal membranes are intact. Considering that mental stress leads to incarceration of the placenta, which affects uterine contraction and causes bleeding, the bleeding volume is about 600ml. Support symptomatic and transfer to the hospital for blood transfusion therapy and quickly recover.


Uterine weakness is the number one cause of postpartum hemorrhage. In recent years, it has been found that cervical tears lead to birth changes, and the treatment should be 3 to 7 days after menstruation is clean. Before treatment, empty the urine, take the bladder lithotomy position, rinse the vulva with ozone water, put in the speculum, fully expose the cervix, use the Guangzhou precision electronic channel rehabilitation treatment instrument to make the concentration of 6mg/L ozone water flushing**, Cervix, once a day for each patient, 5 minutes each time, after washing, cover the erosion surface of the cervix with new strong powder (3 tablets of compound trimethoprim is 1.44mg, and 1 tablet of prednisone is 5mg), 3 days For 1 course of treatment. Efficacy evaluation and statistical processing methods: all were re-examined 10 days after surgery. During the reexamination, ask about ** discharge, ** bleeding, and whether there is abdominal pain and fever, and check the recovery of cervical erosion. For cases that have improved after the first course of treatment, the second and third courses can be treated. Efficacy evaluation criteria: ①Cure: the symptoms disappear and the cervix is ​​smooth; ②Improvement: the symptoms are alleviated, and the erosion area is reduced by more than 1/2, or distributed in an island shape; ③Ineffective: the symptoms and cervical erosion are not changed after treatment. J. Healing and The total number of improved cases is the overall effective cases. The overall effective rate of treatment = (number of cured cases + number of improved cases)/total number of cases × 100%.

Results 120 cases of cervical erosion treated by ozone water were effective for different degrees of erosion. Mild erosion: cure rate 98.2l%, effective rate 100%; moderate erosion: cure rate 82.50%, effective rate 100%; severe erosion: cured The rate is 66.67%, and the effective rate is 91.67%. See Table 1 and 2. Discussion Cervical erosion is a very common gynecological disease. In recent years, with the increase of sexually transmitted diseases and frequent intrauterine surgery, the incidence of cervical erosion has increased. And younger trends. At present, there are many ways to treat the disease. There is an upward trend in cases of post-electrical hemorrhage, especially in relatively backward rural areas. Women’s self-care awareness is not strong, there is no knowledge of health care, and some are more feudal, or they don’t see if they are sick. Either the medication is not taken according to the course of treatment, resulting in long-term repeated vaginal inflammation and neck inflammation, etc., which cannot be thoroughly treated, resulting in the decrease or disappearance of the elasticity and toughness of the cervical tissue, and it is easy to tear during delivery, and the edge of the tear is not neat. , The cervical tissue is very bad, it is not easy to suture, and it is prone to oozing of the cervical tissue, which brings difficulties to the timely and complete hemostasis, resulting in an increase in the amount of bleeding. Placental factors are also the cause of postpartum hemorrhage. Some primiparas are overstressed and improper use of uterine contraction drugs can cause the placenta to be incarcerated, affect uterine contraction and cause postpartum hemorrhage. The third stage of labor stretches the umbilical cord or compresses the uterus too early. The placenta is normally peeled off and causes postpartum hemorrhage.

How to reduce the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage, the most important thing is to strengthen the publicity of women’s health care knowledge, improve women’s self-care awareness, and find out various ironing, laser, microwave, freezing, etc. in time, but these physical therapies have varying degrees of impact on the cervix Injuries, such as intraoperative pain, postoperative cervical crusting, stiffness, vaginal discharge, bleeding, etc. The use of an ozone water machine to treat cervical erosion is simple to operate and can be mastered by general medical staff after a short period of training. During the treatment, the patient has no discomfort, no pain, no trauma, no adverse reactions, no impact on the texture and appearance of the cervix, no scars, no bleeding, no drainage, and this method can be used safely for married and unpregnant women. Ozone is a very oxidizing substance, which has the functions of sterilizing, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, repairing wounds, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and can also change the anaerobic environment of humans. Therefore, the use of ozone water can simultaneously treat various gynecological inflammations such as cervical erosion, phlegmitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease, and actively and thoroughly treat them; strengthen pre-pregnancy health care and prenatal examinations, and make preparations for monitoring and early treatment of high-risk pregnant and lying-in women; Good postpartum psychological and life care for pregnant women, avoid prolonged labor, mental stress and urinary retention, maintain sufficient energy, and actively prepare for the rescue of high-risk pregnant women; handle the labor process correctly, and strengthen postpartum observation, timely detection and timely treatment; Prevention of postpartum hemorrhage, establish intravenous access after delivery, and promptly instill oxytocin after delivery of the fetus to prevent postpartum hemorrhage; check for residual placenta immediately after delivery, ** routinely check the cervix, ** and placenta of the childbirth, and find it Remaining placenta and fetal membranes should be removed in time. If the birth canal is injured, the bleeding can be stopped in time. Postpartum observation is strengthened. Postpartum hemorrhage usually occurs within 2 hours after delivery. Therefore, the observation and treatment within 2 hours after delivery is particularly important. It is necessary to closely observe the uterine contraction of the parturient, such as The height of the uterus, whether the bladder is full, the amount of bleeding, etc., while monitoring the blood pressure, pulse and other vital signs, do not leave the delivery room within 2 hours after delivery.

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