Need to know the performance advantages of the socket Huff section

The Hough section and the socket Hough section are pipeline repair devices. The socket Hough section is a device for repairing water leakage at the socket of the connection between the two pipes. The Huff section is for repairing parts other than the socket. The device has a simple structure and consists of only two bodies and two rubber pads. It is easy to install. Only align the two bodies at the leak and tighten the nut to complete the emergency repair of the pipeline. The device can save the time of water shutdown. , And can reduce the cost of emergency repairs.

one. The working pressure of the plugging device: 0.25-1.0MPa, suitable for all kinds of cast iron pipes, cement pipes, and PVC pipes for water leakage maintenance.The product specifications are complete, applicable to various national standard pipe diameters, and non-standard can be processed and customized

two. The product adopts the combination of plastic contact sealing and elastic contact sealing technology, which is suitable for pipelines of various materials and effectively controls the leakage of the medium.

three. The site use effect is good, it can be drip-proof, the block structure is adopted, the site construction speed is fast, there is no need to stop the water, the construction excavation is small, and only a small work pit is required to operate, saving a lot of manpower, material resources and time. Quickly achieve the purpose of plugging.

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