Nanjing Estun becomes the leader of “national standard” formulation of machine tool industry

In the future, my country’s forging machinery control and functional components will issue a “national standard”, and you will have to ask the opinions of Nanjing enterprises. How is this going?

  Estun has participated in the formulation of 9 national standards

Wu Bo, general manager of Nanjing Estun Digital Technology Co., Ltd., revealed the mystery: Recently, the National Forging Machinery Industry Standards Committee established a “control and functional components working group” in Nanjing. In the future, all standards for the control and functional components of forging machine tools in my country will be revised Work will be finalized only through the discussion and approval of the working group. Nanjing Estun was selected as the “undertaking unit” of the working group, and several of Estun’s leaders were selected as the group leader and other “leaders” of the working group.

Xu Qiuyun, deputy general manager of Nanjing Estun Digital Technology Co., Ltd., said that the company’s selection as the leader of the formulation of the “national standard” is not only because of the favor of the goddess of luck. Since 2006, in just 4 years, Estun has participated in the formulation of 9 national standards in the industry, of which 4 standards are exclusively formulated and 5 are major participants.

  Break foreign monopolies, independent innovation bears fruit

With the rapid development of the automobile and home appliance industries, the demand for forging machine tools in my country has surged, but the technology of the control and auxiliary functions of forging machine tools is backward. Until the 1990s, the operation of my country’s forging machine tools still relied on “manpower”, and if they wanted to be automated, they had to be imported from foreign countries.

Where is the difficulty? For example, a numerical control system is equivalent to the “brain” of a forging machine tool. The machine tool is large and heavy. If the “brain” is not positioned accurately, not only will not only fail to produce qualified products, but also the personal safety of workers will not be guaranteed.

At the end of the 1990s, Nanjing Estun was not reconciled to only doing consignment sales for foreign companies. It invested capital and technical strength for independent research and development of CNC systems. After 10 years of development, it has mastered the forging machine tools from control, transmission, safety to A complete solution for testing, and passed the European quality and safety certification. The share of CNC system products in the domestic market has reached 70%.

In the field of servo drives, in the past, foreign companies accounted for 90% of the Chinese market. In 2008, Estun broke the foreign monopoly again and developed an AC servo press with independent intellectual property rights, with an annual market growth rate of 70%.

It was the outstanding performance in the industry that made the National Forging Machinery Industry Standards Committee “communicate” Estun.

  Promote the standardized development of the industry by formulating standards

However, the control and functional components of forging machine tools involve more than 10 fields, and domestic enterprises still have a long way to go.

At present, the control and functional components of advanced countries in Europe and the United States have formed a very large industry, and the number of enterprises, the degree of specialization, and the product categories are all at a very high level. Domestic companies are still in their infancy, with single product functions and low control performance, and their independent innovation capabilities need to be further improved.

People from the National Forging Machinery Industry Standards Committee stated that the establishment of the control and functional component working group will build a platform for communication between OEMs and control and functional component manufacturers, provide technical performance indicators for the industry, and promote the standardization and standardization of control and functional components. The development of standardization promotes the overall progress of the forging industry.

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