my country’s packaging machinery pursues the integration of packaging and processing

In the past ten years or so, the international packaging industry has attached great importance to improving the universal capabilities and multi-functional integration capabilities of packaging machinery and the entire packaging system, providing timely and flexible production methods for diversified products that are rapidly developing in the market. At the same time, based on the actual needs of reasonable simplification of packaging and superior packaging technology, continuous exploration has significantly accelerated the pace of its own technological innovation. Especially in response to the synchronous development of modern automatic machine tools, it is gradually clear. In order to establish a new system of packaging machinery that is diversified, universal, and multi-functional, it must first focus on solving the major problems of combination and electromechanical integration, which is undoubtedly an important development direction in the future.

Packaging machinery is a kind of machinery that guarantees the production of goods. Because it is related to the production of enterprises, consumers pay particular attention to the quality of packaging machinery. Because a good-quality packaging machine will not cause major failures during use, and will not cause losses to the enterprise during use. Therefore, when people buy packaging machinery, they first discard other factors such as performance and function, and give priority to products with better quality. There are 12 types of packaging machinery, namely beer and beverage filling machinery, sealing machinery, wrapping machinery, vacuum packaging machinery, bag forming and filling packaging machinery, strapping packaging machinery, bag filling and sealing packaging machinery, corrugated cardboard and carton processing machinery, metal containers Packaging machinery, plastic container processing machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, printing and packaging machinery, etc.

At present, the research and development of food packaging machinery is moving in the direction of high speed, multi-function and intelligent control to meet market demand. In order to meet the requirements of delivery time and reduce the cost of process circulation, the future food packaging machinery requires high-speed production. At the same time, for some products, packaging machinery and production machinery are required to be connected, and continuous work or multi-head work can also be used. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the rejection rate and failure rate, so that the normal productivity can be improved, and the development trend is to make the packaging machinery more intelligent. Packaging machinery pursues the integration of packaging and processing. There are many new packaging technologies based on new packaging thinking. New packaging thinking means going beyond the existing packaging technology and products, and applying other related technology combinations to packaging to form a new packaging technology. This aspect includes packaging cutting and molding technology, packaging curing technology, packaging function protection technology, packaging and processing Combining technology and packaging functions to borrow technology. In addition to the ones mentioned above, there should also be other technologies, such as packaging technology for live products. In addition, with the emergence of new packaging materials, some technology in the packaging process has also undergone new changes. For example, the emergence of self-drying stretch film makes the processes of wrapping, shrinking, and bundling integrated, and the operation is simplified and fast. This kind of packaging and processing integration solves many processing techniques, directly borrowing the packaging mechanism, realizing the integration of packaging and processing, and making packaging more potential and effective.

The characteristics of vacuum packaging are as follows: 1. Part of the air (oxygen) in the packaging container is eliminated, which can effectively prevent food from spoiling. 2. The use of packaging materials with excellent barrier properties (air tightness) and strict sealing technology and requirements can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging contents, which can avoid food weight loss and taste loss, and prevent secondary pollution. 3. The gas inside the vacuum packaging container has been eliminated, accelerating the heat transfer, which can improve the efficiency of heat sterilization, and also avoid the packaging container from rupturing due to the expansion of gas during heat sterilization.

In the food industry, vacuum packaging is very common. Various cooked products such as chicken legs, ham, sausages, etc.; preserved products such as various pickles, soy products, preserved fruits and other foods that need to be kept fresh are increasingly using vacuum Package. Vacuum-packed food has a long shelf life, which greatly extends the shelf life of the food.

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