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Since Apple abandoned plastic mobile phone casings and began to adopt metal mobile phone frames, metal mobile phone frames have won the favor of the public. As a result, a large number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers began to follow Apple’s example, and began to use mobile phone metal frames in mobile phone manufacturing, and embarked on the road of mobile phone metal frame manufacturing. The machine used to manufacture the metal frame of these precision mobile phones is the mother of industry-CNC machine tools. (To be precise, the drilling and attacking centers are collectively referred to as Cnc machine tools)
And some time ago in the country, Xiaomi also made a lot of effort to launch Xiaomi 4, and the most gimmicky is its so-called Xiaomi mobile phone metal frame shell. Xiaomi even photographed the processing of the metal mobile phone case into a promotional video, calling it an “artistic journey of a steel plate.” This video shows a steel plate being cut, die-casted, and milled with the drilling and tapping center used later. Eventually turned into a tall mobile phone case. And Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said at the Xiaomi 4 press conference that the millet 4 steel frame will take up to 32 hours to process from a 309-gram steel plate to a 19-gram exquisite crafted frame. It can be seen that the processing procedures are very strict. In the promotion of Xiaomi 4, Xiaomi puts the focus of the promotion on the metal phone frame shell of Xiaomi 4. It has repeatedly emphasized that the steel plate of Xiaomi 4 has gone through many processes. Sub-CNC processing. And what exactly is the mysterious CNC that created the metal casing of the Xiaomi 4 mobile phone?
The equipment for processing the frame shell of Xiaomi mobile phone, referred to as CNC, is the general name of CNC machine tools. More precisely, the frame processing equipment of Xiaomi mobile phone uses the drilling and tapping center. Drilling and tapping center: belongs to a kind of metal cutting machine tool, CNC processing equipment, basic style The performance is similar to that of a machining center, except that the overall footprint is smaller than that of a machining center. Generally, the stroke does not exceed 800*400. Although it can also be boring and milling like a machining center, the power of the machine tool spindle is generally not too large. It is BT30, and the spindle of the machining center is BT40, so heavy-duty machining such as powerful milling can not be carried out, but light milling can only be carried out, which is mainly used for drilling and tapping. The disc-type tool magazine is usually used to reduce the tool change time. The tool change time is 1.2S. Linear guide rails are generally used, and the rapid traverse speed is faster than that of the machining center. The machining efficiency of machine tools is obvious. Suitable for batch processing.
With the domestic mobile phone industry igniting a frenzy of metal mobile phone frame casings, mobile phone companies are vying to use metal mobile phone casing designs to manufacture mobile phones. This has brought new challenges and opportunities to China’s drilling and attacking center machine tool industry.
To a certain extent, the market demand brought by the processing of metal mobile phone frames will promote the growth of orders for drilling and tapping center machine tools, and also put forward higher requirements for domestic drilling and tapping center machine tools. In the publicity of many mobile phone companies, whether it is Apple, Xiaomi or Meizu, etc., they have emphasized the exquisite manufacturing process, which shows that the processing requirements for manufacturing metal mobile phone frame shells are very high, and the equipment requirements are also very strict. In order to mass produce high-quality mobile phone frame products, machine tools with strong stability, excellent processing performance and efficiency are needed to gain the favor of mobile phone manufacturers and foundry companies. At this stage, there is still a certain gap between my country’s drilling and attacking center products and the machine tools produced in Germany and Japan.
Features and advantages of Henfux Drilling Center: Xingfux High-speed Drilling Center, the whole machine is developed, produced and assembled in Taiwan. This model is produced by Henfux’s Taiwan Shanqiao Precision Machinery, which is specially designed and developed for the processing of metal mobile phone shells and auto parts. It has undergone long-term actual operation and sample preparation, and has passed customer acceptance. At present, Xingfuxiang is engaged in mass production, with an annual production plan of 3000-5000 units.
1. All shafts are pre-tensioned to eliminate the error of thermal expansion
2. Laser calibration and special assembly process make the positioning and repeat positioning reach 0.005mm
3. The box-shaped structure and special internal stress elimination treatment make the machine reach a certain stable condition in accuracy
4. The self-developed high-speed spindle adopts Japanese NSK ceramic bearings to improve speed and accuracy
5.16 The tool magazine seat of the tool magazine is made of alloy aluminum die-casting, high interchangeability and strong resistance to deformation and breakage to ensure the reliability of its tool change
6. It can provide automatic doors and multiple sets of M commands to match the automation of automatic clamping
7. High-speed direct-coupled spindle and transmission system, the spindle speed is 20000rpm
8. High-speed tool change mechanism, cam fan-shaped tool magazine (turret type) / split mechanical quick tool change, 14T (standard) or 16T/21T (optional) spare tool magazine, tool change time 1.8 seconds (tool to tool) .
9. High-rigidity structure design, providing sufficient stability, suitable for high-speed drilling, tapping and engraving and milling processing, high-speed feed 48m/min.
10. High-strength high-grade cast iron bed, with good rigidity and stable performance.
Xingfuxiang vertical drilling and tapping processing center is widely used in 3C (PC, mobile phone, communications) industries, auto parts, small mold processing, medical and other industries
Xingfuxiang high-speed drilling and tapping center comes from a Taiwan production plant. The company has a number of invention patents and technologies applied to this machine tool. It has a good product supply chain. In order to meet customer needs, Xingfuxiang Group can conduct one-to-one according to customer needs. The service meets the needs of customers.
Xingfuxiang Precision Machinery is the first domestic equipment manufacturer that promises three 8-hour services.
(1). Research solutions within 8 hours after receiving customer complaints.
(2). Arrive to the customer site in the second 8 hours after the plan is formulated.
(3). If you encounter a rest day in the third 8 hours, you must rush to the customer site
HSVTP-500 high-speed drilling and tapping center parameters:
Dimensions (length X width): 650X400 mm
T-slot: 14X3X125 mm
Maximum load: 200 mm
X-axis travel: 500 mm
Y-axis travel: 400 mm
Z axis stroke: 300 mm
The distance from the nose of the spindle to the table surface: 130-430 (can be heightened) mm
Distance from spindle center to column track surface: 410 mm
Transmission mode: direct drive
Spindle speed: 12000-20000 rpm
Spindle motor: 3.7/5.5 kw
X/Y/Z axis motor (FANUC): 1.2/1.2/1.8 kw
X/Y/Z axis motor (Mitsubishi): 1.5/1.5/2.0 kw
Fast forward speed (X/Y/Z): 48/48/48 m/min
Maximum feed rate: 10 m/min
Controller brand/model: Mitsubishi M70B(STD) /Mitsubishi M70A(OPT)
Tool magazine form: cam turret type / split type mechanical quick tool change
Tool handle: BT-30
Tool magazine capacity: 16 (cam) pcs
Maximum tool length: 200mm
Maximum tool weight: 3kg
Tool change time: 1.6(16T)sec
Air pressure source: 6 kg/cm2
Floor area (LXW): 2230X1850mm
Machine weight: 2300kg

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