Mexico International Mining Exhibition 2013

The 20th Mexico International Mining Exhibition in 2013
Contact: Zhu Feng
Exhibition time: October 16-19, 2013
Exhibition location: Mundo Imperial Acapulco, Gro. (Acapulco)
Organizing Committee: Mexican Mining and Metallurgical Association
Exhibition cycle: every two years
Organizer: Beijing Zhonghe International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Introduction: The Mexico Mining Exhibition is the most important mining exhibition in Latin America. The last exhibition attracted more than 500 exhibitors, with a net exhibition area of ​​nearly 25,000 square meters. At the same time, the conference held 5,000 people and 20,000 professional visitors. In 2013, the 20th Mexico Mining Exhibition and Conference will be held, and various mining machinery related companies will be invited to participate in this important biennial exhibition. The organizer, the Mexican Mining and Metallurgical Association, has been organizing the Mexico Mining Exhibition since its establishment in 1955. It has successfully held 19 sessions so far. The exhibition has a very extensive and far-reaching impact on the Mexican mining industry. Official support: Mexican Association of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration Mining.
Market background: Mexico’s mining prospects are very broad, and two-thirds of its territory has the potential of metallic and non-metallic minerals. In 2007, excluding oil and natural gas, the total output value of the national mining industry was approximately US$8.3 billion. Mexico has 18 minerals including silver, lead, molybdenum, zinc and manganese among the top ten in the world. The industry knows that, according to satellite survey data, the Rocky Mountains spanning Canada and the southwestern United States extend to several states in northwestern and central Mexico, forming the states of Arizona and New Mexico, as well as the states of Sonora and Chihuahua in Mexico. And the huge “GOLDEN BELT” (GOLDEN BELT) in places such as Coahuila. The belt is extremely rich in mineral resources, rich in copper, gold, silver, zinc and molybdenum. Mexico’s main mineral products are silver, copper, antimony, arsenic, tin, cadmium, titanium, molybdenum, coal, coke, iron, titanium, manganese, celestite, salt and diatomite.
Exhibits range: mineral transportation exploration technology, mineral processing, mineral smelting technology, mineral mining, recycling and reuse, safety technology in the mineral industry, surface minerals, deep processing of mineral products, raw material processing and processing, mineral transportation and logistics technology. Specific exhibits include: mining machinery and equipment; scrapers, transport vehicles (cranes, conveyor belts, underground loaders and trucks, mine electric locomotives); open pit technology; auxiliary machinery and equipment (compressors, diesel generators, underground fuel refueling) Machines, transportation equipment, rock crushers); mining engineering tools and equipment, hard metal tools, abrasives, diamond knives; process equipment; mining engineering ventilation; drilling technology and blasting materials; land stress and deformation detection devices; nature Ecosystem control devices and equipment; engineering and measurement work devices; explosion-proof electrical equipment, etc. Excavating machinery: excavator, excavator, loader, trencher; rock drilling machinery: drill rig, rock drill, crusher compressor; soil shovel transportation machinery: transport truck, bulldozer, scraper, grader; electric tools; pile machinery: pile machine diesel pile hammer Hydraulic pile shear drilling machine; engineering drilling machinery and roadheader: anchor drilling rig, down-the-hole drilling rig, non-excavation directional drilling rig, impact drilling rig; engineering hoisting equipment: truck crane, hoist, gantry crane, aerial work platform.

Beijing Zhonghe International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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