Matters needing attention when mobile cranes work in windy conditions

When mobile cranes work in a windy environment, the following safety requirements should be paid attention to:

(1) When the wind speed is generally high in the sky, when the boom of the crane or the object to be lifted is raised high. Drivers should pay attention to the influence of wind; for hanging objects with a large windward area, they should pay attention to the wind blowing from behind after lifting. At this time, the crane is in danger of overturning.

(2) When working in a windy day, pay attention to the wind direction, consider the shape of the lifting object, environmental conditions and other factors, and adjust the operation method accordingly. When in doubt, lower the crane’s objects to the ground and raise the hook and hoisting rope.

(3) In a windy environment, the crane should be parked so that the upper car, the crawler, and the tires are kept in the same longitudinal direction, and the machine faces away from the wind. At the same time, buckle the brakes and locks. Including lifting brake, swing parking brake, main cutter reel lock, luffing reel lock, etc., and shut down the crane engine.

(4) When the limit wind speed is reached, the operation must be stopped. Truck cranes and tire cranes should be parked in sheltered places or indoors. Crawler cranes should lower the boom to the ground, buckle the slewing lock and the slewing brake. In an emergency, lower the boom to the ground and take the same measures as stopping in a windy environment.

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