Market application of cement block machine

Henan Fuheng Heavy Industry adheres to the policy of “survive by quality, develop by reputation”, open up the market, serve users, and won a good reputation from users. Welcome your inquiry! The cement blocks produced by the cement block machine are mainly used for cast-in-place buildings, highways, railways, bridges and ancient buildings, reinforced concrete protective layer blocks, beam supports, and standard spacer blocks for the spacing of steel bars. The quality of the protective layer of cement reinforcement is directly related to the bearing capacity and fire protection of the steel in the concrete engineering structure, and plays an important role in the quality of the project. In developed countries, the irregular protective layer of cement mortar reinforcement has been Eliminated, the standardized standard concrete reinforced protective layer cushion has been fully promoted. Therefore, the application of the block machine is quite extensive. Fuheng Heavy Industry is a manufacturer specializing in the production of cement block machines. According to the strong demand of the market and under the technical guidance of relevant experts, it has developed a new type of cement block machine products. Compared with the previous old manufacturing methods, it has improved production. Efficiency and cost reduction. Cement block machine has the advantages of high strength, regular shape, easy to use and other characteristics, replacing the previous disadvantages of self-made cement mortar block and plastic mold block, such as poor concrete structure. The cushion products produced by the cement block machine can control the protective layer of concrete reinforced beams, slabs, columns, and walls within the effective allowable range, in full accordance with the requirements of the thickness of the reinforced protective layer in the national “Reinforced Concrete Structure Design Code” The design ensures the correct position of the stressed steel bars in the concrete structure and reduces the indirect corrosion of the steel bars. The product consistency is good, and the professional injection molding process is used to effectively control the thickness of the reinforced concrete protective layer; high strength, good adhesion to the concrete, to ensure that there is no bar phenomenon; self-locking; no falling off; no breaking; easy operation, Save labor and money. Cement block machines are widely used in various industrial and civil constructions such as buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, and subways.

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