Mandatory power cuts cause metallurgical companies to stop production and work

According to this year’s experience, once power cuts begin in winter, the most significant time is August and September, when companies have to increase production by about 20%, the losses are still relatively large. The proportion of hydropower in Hunan is relatively large. If there is a dry season, it is possible to stop production. He also leaked that the current rate of increase and suspension of production by processing enterprises in some counties and districts has reached more than 10%. In order to cope with the power supply in winter, the company is currently conducting overhaul of the Henan Jaw Crushing equipment. The power supply is relatively moderate, so the smelter has begun to carry out staggered production.

In Hunan, where there is a great power gap, some ferroalloy companies that consume a lot of electricity have also been fundamentally affected. According to the reporter’s understanding, Minmetals (Hunan) Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. has been banned from being affected by the lack of power for nearly 20 days. The current power supply is unstable, resulting in a lack of start-up rate, and the company has not received any notice when it can resume normal power supply. . What is even more worrying is the lack of raw material supply caused by electricity curtailment. At present, many electrolytic aluminum production companies have their own power plants, but they have to sell raw materials such as double-pillar ingots and cast-rolled coils. Once raw material suppliers increase production due to power curtailment, aluminum companies are bound to be affected. At the peak of power consumption in winter this year, the local government will adopt the method of increasing production cycle by several days a week for some large energy-consuming enterprises to alleviate the electrical pressure. Due to changes in assets such as asset reorganization and lease joint ventures, Henan Aluminum currently does not have full capacity production as long as the two branches are in production. If there is a power cut, some adjustments in the production structure will be made to deal with it, such as stopping unnecessary The equipment used to operate three shifts a day, but now it only uses two and staggered production.

At present, the company has not received the power limit notification, and production is still going on normally. However, based on this year’s experience and the state of this year’s nationwide power shortage, it is estimated that there will be a certain impact in the future. It is estimated in July, August, and September. It will be the most important sand and gravel production line. The Hunan cement ball mill manufacturer currently has a power gap of 4 million kilowatts, which is equivalent to nearly 30% of the power demand. However, companies currently rely heavily on self-provided power plants for power supply. Although the cost of power generation is relatively high (the local sales price of 5,000 kcal energy coal is about 800 yuan/ton), it has not yet affected normal production.

In Henan and Hunan, where aluminum production capacity is relatively concentrated, local power rationing has emerged. For example, some aluminum processing companies in Henan reported that they have received power rationing notices from the local government. However, there are currently no electrolytic aluminum companies that consume large amounts of electricity. Production is increased due to lack of power supply, but many companies believe that the power supply in the early stage will be more relaxed. Recently, great power gaps have emerged in Zhejiang, the Pearl River Delta and various parts of Central China, starting with the raw materials and non-ferrous metal industries such as ferroalloys and aluminum. A reporter from “China Business News” yesterday consulted with a number of aluminum and ferroalloy companies for inventions. Some companies have been affected by power cuts and faced problems such as a lack of start-up rates.

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