Maintenance and replacement of dust removal accessories

Dust removal accessories are the core components of the dust collector, mainly composed of dust bag, dust removal frame, pulse solenoid valve, pulse controller, star discharger and conveying equipment. The various parts of the dust collector accessories have a clear division of labor in the pulse bag filter, and they are linked together.

Under normal circumstances, the dust removal cloth bag is gradually worn. The main cause of wear is the grinding force of dust, the deterioration of the cloth bag caused by high temperature and the corrosion of chemical substances. When the grinding force of dust is strong, the bottom of the dust removal bag wears the most serious , The increase in system capacity causes the increase in filtration speed and can also accelerate wear.

When most of the cloth bags are damaged, they should be completely replaced. The dust removal cloth bag is best to be replaced when the dust collector stops working. At this time, the dust cleaning controller should be closed and the manhole door on the top can be opened. The cloth bag can be removed. First take out the bag cage, then pinch the spring ring on the top of the cloth bag into a concave shape, pull the dust removal cloth bag upwards, and clean the dust on the hole of the flower plate before installing the new cloth bag.

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