Machining puts forward new requirements on cutting tools

With the improvement of the level of machining industry, new requirements are put forward for cutting tools. In addition to improving the service life, it is also required to reduce pollution during cutting, and use dry cutting as much as possible. When the cutting fluid cannot be completely eliminated, try to make it contain only rust inhibitor and no organic matter, so that the cost of recycling can be greatly reduced.

It should be said that the rise of various vapor deposition technologies in recent decades has enabled the research and application of surface engineering technology to achieve rapid development. These technologies not only fulfill the requirements of mechanical properties, such as wear resistance, anti-friction and corrosion resistance, but also show their skills in the field of surface-related functional materials such as electromagnetics, optics, optoelectronics, thermal, superconductivity, and biology. Surface engineering not only enables low-cost metal materials to exert greater advantages in terms of performance and benefits, but also has become an important means for the development of various new coating and thin film materials, and has huge application potential.

The diversity of cutting tools and the characteristics of the working conditions during use determine the choice of coatings for Jiangsu tools. Turning and drilling are different, and the characteristics of intermittent impact should be considered for milling cutters. The early development of coatings focused on wear resistance and improved hardness as the main indicator. This type of coating represented by titanium nitride has a high coefficient of friction (0.4-0.6), and continuous friction with the workpiece during processing will generate a lot of heat energy.

“In order to prevent the tool from overheating and deforming, which will affect the machining accuracy and prolong its service life, cutting fluid is usually used.” Experts said that to solve the problem of reducing or eliminating the problem of cutting fluid, the tool coating should not only make the tool have a long life, but also Has self-lubricating function. The appearance of diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) has shown advantages in the mechanical processing of certain materials (Al, Ti and their composite materials), but after years of research, it has been shown that the diamond-like carbon coating has high internal stress, poor thermal stability and The three shortcomings of the catalytic effect with ferrous metals, such as the transformation of SP3 structure to SP2, determine that it can only be used for processing non-ferrous metals, thus limiting its further application in machining. However, recent studies have shown that the hardness of diamond-like coatings (also known as graphite-like coatings) based on SP2 structure can also reach 20 to 40 GPa, but there is no problem with the catalytic effect of ferrous metals, and its friction coefficient is very high. It is low and has good moisture resistance. It can be used with coolant during cutting and can also be used for dry cutting. Its service life is doubled compared with non-coated tools. There is no problem in processing steel materials. This has caused the coating companies and tool manufacturers to Great interest. Over time, this new type of diamond-like carbon coating will be widely used in the cutting field.

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