Machinery processing plants can also accept foreign orders

I entered this industry in 2004 and started with a ramp CNC. It has been three years since I came to this forum to read the heartfelt feelings of my fellow brothers and sisters. I have a lot of emotions, and I have many ideas in my heart. I hope you can let me know.

I like mechanical manufacturing very much. I face different workpieces every day, doing complex geometric calculations, solving a problem, forming a process and a program, and then attaching it to implementation. This is a test of a person’s IQ and perseverance, and then get In return, everything is so logical. Three years ago, I thought this was a very simple industry. Three years later, I no longer think so, although I still love this industry so much.

At the beginning, I provided precision machining of stainless steel parts for a private foundry. The workpieces were extremely difficult. I even required CNC lathes to process elbow-shaped gearboxes. There were six types of workpieces. I worked for three years. Until now, there is still no one. Can replace our products. The craftsmanship is convincing, the sense of accomplishment is there, and the problem is coming-the integrity of the private boss, the processing fee is discounted, and the payment is in arrears, until the final payment is only enough for you to pay your salary, pay the electricity bill, and you can’t even pay taxes and rent. , The highest record-“200 yuan for the New Year”, I laughed “the poorer the more glorious”. But I dare not refrain from doing it, because there is no new customer to replace it. A year later, I developed three wholly foreign-owned enterprises. Think about it as a guarantee. I will develop new products, cutting tools, fixtures and even machining centers, and invest at all costs. The thing is finished, the price is OK, but there is no order. It turned out that those relatives or friends who purchased took your product to study,-those parts did not even have a sample reference object, they just used me as a test. Finally, I also found a lot of reasons to ridicule and sarcasm, “We admire your technology and professionalism very much, but we can’t violate the principle and cooperate with small units like yours”, I am dizzy! I was also angry, it was an international joke, why bother.

In the third year, maybe it’s a bit famous-the pilot factory, there are more door-to-door business, mostly leather bag companies, I have been in the business twice, and both signed the contract and delivered it. No one said there was a problem with the goods and asked for money. , One family said, waited for a month, the result was half a year, and now I don’t wait anymore; one family said, “The fire, the money is gone”, funny! I shook my head and went home.

After three years, I became an “veteran athlete”, whether it is technical experience or business experience; I still love this industry very much, but I am a little disappointed with “people”. I have never believed in, nor pursued any “extraordinary profits”. The principle is only “pay and get due return”. Don’t think about obtaining “extraordinary profits” through commercial bribery-incapable people do this, and don’t face competition. Blame the gods and others-find the reasons for yourself, whether your equipment is 6140 or MAZAK, do your best to use your technology to the limit. Maybe it’s disappointment with the “people”, so I plan to change some “people” to deal with, build a website, strengthen the oral language, for six months, send two emails a day, make two international long distance calls, I still have a good foreign language foundation, look for A large number of foreign customers, “Ten days for samples (samples sent), no development costs (except molds), no orders for dissatisfaction (size, finish, delivery time)”, specializing in difficult orders under $5,000 , Finally had a way to survive-I got the “fairness” I wanted.

Maybe it’s more traditional, I like face-to-face interviews. Therefore, I adopted an unconventional method and directly asked foreign small and medium-sized enterprises to place orders. Those who were able to come to China were all multinational corporations, “using China to control China.” They can’t ask for cheap, but they also have small and medium-sized enterprises. They ask who buys things. Either an over-priced processing plant or a foreign purchasing group, but a big order is needed. Dealing with them is our advantage. Here comes. As long as you have enough ability, courage and caution, “gold will always shine, as long as you are indeed a piece of gold”, I always believe in this. I need to use my brain when doing processing and doing business. Now I am mainly engaged in business, and I am skilled in technology and management. When a factory was just established, a stable and reliable source of business was more important than anything else; believe me in the first three years Many entrepreneurs will experience the experience. It’s self-evident. We are easily beaten down at this time. My method is a shortcut. There is no need for luck or relationship here, but we must have enough. Technical cultivation, foreign language skills, business skills and patience, “complex business and interpersonal relationships can be simplified completely”, creating a pure business environment for myself.

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