Know the two series of commonly used gas alarms

The working principle of the gas alarm: The gas alarm controller is used in combination with the detector, which can monitor the concentration of gas for a long time at the explosion-proof site. The detector is installed in an explosion-proof site, and the controller is wall-mounted in a duty room and other places where people are on duty, and the two are connected by shielded cables. When the on-site detector detects a gas leak, the signal is transmitted to the controller through the shielded cable, and the controller emits an audible and visual alarm, and at the same time activates the exhaust device or closes the solenoid valve to cut off the gas source to ensure safety. This kind of instrument is widely used in industrial sites such as liquefied gas stations, automobile gas filling stations, boiler rooms, etc.

Existing gas alarms can be divided into two series of products: civil combustible gas alarms, industrial combustible gas alarms and toxic and harmful gas alarms. Simply understand it:

A civil combustible gas alarm

Civil combustible gas alarms are gas alarms used in residential homes. They are generally installed in the kitchen. When gas leaks, the alarm can emit sound and light alarms, or be accompanied by a digital display, and link external equipment at the same time. Some alarms can automatically turn on the exhaust fan to exhaust the gas outside; some alarms can automatically close the gas valve when alarming to prevent further gas leakage.

2. Industrial combustible gas alarm and toxic and harmful gas alarm

Industrial combustible gas alarms and toxic and harmful gas alarms are only different in detection probes, but they are very similar in principle and application. Industrial gas alarms and toxic gas alarms can also be divided into leak detectors, controllers and detectors according to different detection environments.

The volume of the leak detector is small, and it can be carried or hand-held. It is mainly used for leak detection and patrol inspection of gas management. If there is a gas leak, the portable combustible gas leak detector will give an audible and visual alarm, and the gas concentration will be displayed digitally, so that safety measures can be taken in time to prevent the occurrence of vicious accidents such as **.

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