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Wanchao planetary reducer manufacturer processing:

Fairy number ten!Servo planetary reducerUsed more frequently in modern major industries, A wide range of applications, andWanchao planetary reducer manufacturers upholdThe values ​​of “respect for awe, perseverance and singularity” and the business philosophy of “exquisite tools, ingenuity and soul” provide customers with high-quality products and timely and efficient after-sales service. Fairy No. 10 welcomes customers to come to negotiate!

Servo planetary reducerPrecautions before starting the device:

1. The machine shaft should be cleaned before use. And check whether there are bumps and dirt on the shaft of the equipment.

2.Servo planetThe operating temperature of the reducer is 0~40 ℃.

3. Check whether the cooperative size of the hole (or shaft) connected with the reducer meets the requirements. The tolerance of the hole should be H7 (the tolerance of the shaft is H6).

4. Before use, replace the blockage at a very high level with an exhaust plug to ensure that the gas in the body is discharged when the reducer is running.

Servo planetary reducerdevice of:

1. The reducer can only be installed on a flat, shock-absorbing, and torsion-resistant support structure.

2. Under any circumstances, it is not allowed to use a hammer to knock the pulley, coupling, pinion or sprocket into the output shaft, as this will damage the bearing and shaft.

Servo planetary reducerOperation and maintenance:

1. After the servo planetary reducer equipment, check whether it is sensitive. For formal use, no-load test must be carried out. Under normal operation, load and run gradually.

2.ServoThe planetary reducer is strictly prohibited to exceed the rated load.

3. Servo planetary reducerCheck whether the oil level is normal before use and during work. The machine has been filled with lubricating oil before leaving the factory. The name of the lubricating oil: medium-duty industrial gear oil .

Servo planetary reducerOil change system:

NSReplace the lubricating oil after the machine runs for 300-400 hours after one oil change, and replace the lubricating oil every 1500-2000 hours thereafter.The lubricating oil should be checked every half a month in the working environment with harsh working environment, high temperature and heavy dust. If the lubricating oil is found to be dirty, replace the lubricating oil to keep the lubricating oil clean and prolongServo planetary reducerLong service life, advance economic benefits.

Servo planetary reducerOil replacement:

When changing the oil, wait for the reducer to cool down and there is no risk of burning, but still keep warm, because after complete cooling, the viscosity of the oil increases and it is difficult to drain the oil.(Note: cut off the power supply of the transmission equipment to prevent accidental power-on!)

Strictly follow the above steps during the use of the servo planetary reducer, which will reduce many unnecessary problems and greatly increase the life of the reducer.Wanchao planetary reducer manufacturers provide customers at home and abroad——Reducer series, diversified types of reducer, to meet the needs of customers in various fields. The main products include: planetary reducers, worm gear reducers, servo reducers, harmonic reducers, RV reducers, electric cylinders, modules and other series of reducers and their supporting products. The company’s products involve machine tools, machinery, automobiles, aviation, printing, papermaking, robotics, packaging, filling, solar equipment, and many other industries. Wanchao planetary reducer manufacturers use high-quality production technology, sophisticated production equipment and humanized perfect management to create modern products. Our factory has rich production experience, superior quality, perfect service, professional production technology, and can meet different requirements. In the production of accessories and the technical requirements of different customers, our factory always adheres to “technology as the guide, quality as the center, efficiency as the foundation, and reputation as the goal”, serving customers wholeheartedly, and working closely with peers to build a better future.

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