Jinhong mixing bucket forklift specializes in the production of 20 L

The Jinhong mixing bucket forklift mixer is a mature product used in the domestic market. The hydraulic mixing force is strong. The double hydraulic motor and double reducer work without material jam, uniform mixing, uniform speed, simple, convenient and fast discharging. It is used on construction sites and concrete. Mixing station, ideal work assistant for sand and stone material plant, mixing bucket structure: high-strength steel wear-resistant plate, thickened and hardened mixing blade, life-long maintenance-free, mainly for convenient transportation, mixing large and small stones, pebbles, mortar, High-strength concrete, wet and dry materials, sand and gravel plants special for sand washing, etc. Loader modified mixing bucket concrete mixing bucket details introduction:
1. The composition mainly includes the main body of the loader, the bucket mixing cylinder, and the hydraulic mixing system.
2. The mixing bucket loader can install a water storage tank above the loader cab, connect the water inlet of the mixer through a water pipe, install an electronic water inlet control switch in the loader cab, and adjust the water intake of the mixer through the control switch.
3. Use a loader to dismantle the bucket part, install a bucket-type mixing tank and its supporting system, which is a loader-type bucket-type concrete mixer, which realizes the functions of self-feeding, mixing, transfer and unloading.
4. Or dismantle the mixing tank and its auxiliary system, install the bucket to become a loader, and play the function of the loader. Dismantle the mixing tank and its auxiliary systems. Install the bucket and become a loader again. Play the function of the loader.

5. One loader can realize the multiple functions of loading, mixing, transfer, and unloading. It overcomes the disadvantages of using more machinery in the construction of concrete engineering. There are too many people. It takes up a lot of space. It depends on the power supply. Realization. One machine with multiple functions. Flexible and convenient. The purpose of effectively reducing construction costs and energy consumption. Energy saving and emission reduction.
6. Use the hydraulic transmission device of the loader to drive the mixer to work. It can not only take advantage of the convenient mobile performance of the loader and the advantages of self-loading and unloading. It can also use the mixing function of the forced concrete mixer.

Technical description of Jinhong mixing bucket forklift:
A new type of machine that combines the bucket of the loader and the forced single-cylinder concrete mixer can be widely used in the field of concrete construction. The existing concrete production process is to load sand, cement, stones, water and other materials into a traditional mixer in proportion, and the mixer is driven by an AC power source to mix the concrete raw materials.
The purpose of this product is to provide a new type of machinery for the above-mentioned shortcomings in the concrete construction process. One machine can realize the functions of loading, mixing, shifting, and unloading of traditional concrete construction operations, effectively improving work efficiency.

Loader mixer refers to the addition of a mixer on the basis of the loader. It is a loader bucket hydraulic concrete mixer. It uses the loading and unloading principle of the loader, the principle of self-movement and the working principle of the forced concrete mixer to realize concrete mixing by itself Loading, mixing, transfer, and unloading, thereby effectively reducing construction costs and energy consumption. The loader mixer of Zhongshou Heavy Industry has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, low labor intensity of the operator, high work efficiency, and no power supply. It is suitable for small sites and field concrete operations. It has multiple functions and effectively improves work efficiency. It is a concrete construction project. Ideal equipment.

The mixing bucket loader is suitable for small and medium-sized buildings, road construction, and construction sites that require a large amount of concrete. When mixing concrete, the raw materials (stones, sand and cement) required by general construction companies are mostly transported from the material yard to the mixer by hand carts for mixing. This method of relying on manual feeding and manual transportation is labor-intensive. Large-scale production efficiency is low, which is no longer suitable for modern production requirements, and large-scale heavy-duty forklifts are not suitable for use. For this reason, we will effectively solve this problem.

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