ITECH power meter completes home appliance product testing more efficiently

Household appliances have become an indispensable part of our daily life, and we will first consider their energy consumption and safety issues when choosing them. In order to gain more market share in the fiercely competitive market, electrical appliance manufacturers have also increased their research and development efforts and investment in the energy saving and safety performance of their products. To continuously improve the quality of products, they must use accurate Therefore, a high-precision power meter is an indispensable device in the research and development and testing of household appliances.

ITECH IT9121 power meter provides rated input of 600Vrms and 20Arms, with 0.1% voltage and current accuracy, can accurately measure parameters such as voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics, etc. It is suitable for the relevant household appliances industry. test requirements. The following is an analysis of the role of the power meter in terms of harmonic measurement and power consumption measurement of home appliances.

ITECH power meter completes home appliance product testing more efficiently

1. Harmonic measurement

Power Electronic circuits are used in household appliances to replace traditional circuits, and their performance has been greatly improved. However, various controllable or uncontrollable rectifier circuits and large-capacity filter capacitors and other nonlinear components in household appliances, due to the diode in the rectification process. The conduction angle is very small, so that the input AC current is no longer a sine wave, but a sharp pulse with a large amplitude. The current of this waveform has a very small fundamental wave component, so it contains a large number of high-order harmonics and is injected into the power grid. The voltage and current waveforms are distorted and the power factor is reduced, which leads to overheating of the power supply lines and transformers, and reduces the rating of electrical appliances, often causing equipment accidents. Therefore, from the point of view of safety, the harmonic suppression of home appliances, that is, power factor correction, is a key task for home appliance manufacturers. The accurate measurement of harmonics for home appliances is the premise of completing this work more effectively.

For the measurement of harmonics, there is usually a big difference between the results measured by a general power meter and the real value, because the general power meter is limited in terms of sampling rate and bandwidth, and cannot accurately measure high-frequency components.And IdexIT9121This part is made up for by the power meter, which has a bandwidth of100KHZ,Harmonic measurement with high speed and wider dynamic range can be achieved. In the harmonic mode, the active power, reactive power, phase and total harmonic distortion factor (THD) test, multi-harmonic measurement can also be performed, up to the fundamental frequency can be measured50sub-harmonic. More conveniently,IT9121The power meter can also Display the harmonic parameters of each order in two ways: a bar graph and a list (see Fig.1), the display of test results is more clear at a glance, which can make the work of testers more convenient and improve efficiency.

ITECH power meter completes home appliance product testing more efficiently

two,Power consumption measurement

The power consumption will also change when the operating state of the appliance changes, so when measuring the operating power consumption,General power measuring instruments only allow integral measurement in the same range.If the measured value exceeds the current maximum range, it is necessary to manually switch the range and then perform integration, which will cause errors in the measurement results.The accuracy may not meet the requirements.And IdexIT9121The power meter adopts the unique technology of automatic range switching in the integration mode, which saves the range conversion time, solves the problem of integration measurement error caused by manual range switching, and improves the accuracy and efficiency of the power consumption measurement of household appliances.

ITECH power meter completes home appliance product testing more efficiently

Moreover, as the global resource shortage becomes more and more serious, the issue of energy saving becomes more important, and the standby power consumption of household appliances is also attracting more and more attention.IT9121The minimum range of power meter current is as low as5mAcan measure down to50μA tiny currents, power measurements as low as0.01Wsufficient for future lower standby power measurements.

In addition, for power greater than1200Wof high-power household appliances, ITECHIT9121The power meter can also test accurately,IT9121The direct current input range of the power meter is up to20Arms,at rated220VrmsIn the case of voltage, you can measure the highest4400WIt is the perfect test solution for high-power electrical power testing.

3. Assistant for measuring wiring problemsIdexIT-E185Measuring jig box

Many engineers who use power meters to test finished home appliances may generally encounter this problem, which is the problem of test wiring.The plug connected to the mains needs to be cut off, and the three internal wires L, N and GND are drawn out. According to the principle of the voltage parallel circuit and the current series circuit, the voltage and current terminals of the power meter are connected to the circuit as shown in the figure.ITECH solves this problem for you from the perspective of user needs. When using the IT9121 power meter, you can choose ITECH’s measuring fixture box IT-E185, and the wiring becomes very simple (as pictured)

ITECH power meter completes home appliance product testing more efficiently

in conclusion

Itech Electronics has beenCommitted to the research of related industry test solutions with “power electronics” products as the core, IT9121 power meter is one of ITECH’s many star products. IT-E185 measuring jig box, fast and convenient to achieve test requirements, not only used in the field of home appliances, but also widely used in motors, UPS and other fields.

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