Inventory of possible problems in the use of high-viscosity internal gear pumps

The NCB internal gear pump adopts the principle of internal gear meshing. The pitch circle of the internal and external gears is close to one side, and the other side is separated by the “crescent plate” on the pump cover. It is widely used in all walks of life because of its ability to transport high-viscosity media. Problems can also arise during actual long journeys. Below we make the following analysis of these problems and their solutions:

Possible failures and causes of NCB internal gear pump:

1. Low flow rate (insufficient suction)

Reasons: 1. There is air leakage in the suction pipe; 2. The suction pipe is not immersed in liquid; 3. The diameter of the suction port is small; 4. The end face gap is too large; 5. The pump shaft speed is slow; 6. e. Filter is blocked 7. Pump Worn out

2. Unstable flow

Reasons: 1. There may be air leakage or insufficient liquid at the end of the suction pipe; 2. Liquid vaporization;

3. The pump is noisy

Reasons: 1. The current is too large; 2. The viscosity of the liquid is too high; 3. The speed is too high; 4. The discharge outlet pressure is higher than the rated value; 5. The material supply is insufficient; 6. The packing gland is pressed too tightly. 7. The unit is loose.

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