Introduction of Stamping Die and Knife Mould

1. The importance of mold sharpening

The stamping die reminds that regular sharpening of the die is the guarantee of the consistency of punching quality. Regular sharpening of the mold can not only increase the service life of the mold but also the service life of the machine. The correct timing of sharpening must be grasped.

2. The specific characteristics of the mold that need to be sharpened

For the sharpening of molds, there is no strict number of blows to determine whether sharpening is necessary. Mainly depends on the sharpness of the cutting edge. It is mainly determined by the following three factors: Die People Magazine, a WeChat ID of the Die Industry

  • (1) Check the fillet of the cutting edge. If the fillet radius reaches R0.1 mm (the maximum R value must not exceed 0.25 mm), sharpening is required.
  • (2) Check the quality of punching, whether there are large burrs?
  • (3) Judging whether sharpening is required by the noise of machine punching. If the noise is abnormal during the stamping of the same die, it means that the punch is blunt and needs to be sharpened.

Note: If the edge of the cutting edge is rounded or the rear of the cutting edge is rough, sharpening should also be considered.

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