Introduction of horizontal and vertical combustion tester

The G5100A horizontal and vertical flammability test is a simulated safety test item specified by IEC60950: 1999, UL 94, IEC 707, ISO1210: 1992, GB5169 and other standards.
The horizontal and vertical tester uses a Bunsen burner with a specified size and a specific gas source (methane or natural gas), and a certain flame height and a certain flame angle are used to regularly burn a number of samples in a horizontal or vertical state. Secondly, the flammability is evaluated by the duration of the ignition and hot burning of the sample and whether the ignitor under the sample is ignited.
The horizontal and vertical combustion tester can test the fire protection enclosure of mobile equipment with a total mass exceeding 18kg and not exceeding 18kg; the fire protection enclosure of standing equipment; the materials placed in the fire enclosure; V-0, V-1, V-2 The flammability of HB, 5V, HF-1, HF-2, HBF grade materials or foam plastics shall be graded and assessed. It is suitable for the research of electrical and electronic products and their components such as lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tool electrical appliances, motors, power tools, electronic instruments, electrical meters, information technology equipment, electrical business equipment, electrical connectors and accessories, etc. Production and quality inspection departments are also suitable for insulation materials, engineering plastics or other solid combustible materials industries.
Performance parameters:


Bunsen burner tube diameter 9.5mm ± 0.5mm The upward length from the main air inlet or inlet is about 100mm

Bunsen lamp nozzle shape

Round lamp socket and stainless steel fishtail lamp socket ( Replaceable )

Lamp test tilt angle

, 20° , 45° Can be positioned quickly, the maximum stroke is about 150mm

Igniting gas

98% Methane gas ( Base gas ) , You can also use 37MJ/m 3 ±1MJ/m 3 natural gas

Burning and removal time

1s ~ 999.9s( Digital display can be preset )

Burn time

1s ~ 999.9s( Digital display cannot be preset )

Number of repetitions

1 ~ 9999 Second-rate ( Digital display can be preset )

Test area volume

more than the0.7m³Background black ,1220mm*600mm*1120mm


0.5kVA 220V 50-60Hz

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