Introduction of aluminum profile and extruder tonnage

What we are going to mention today is the introduction of aluminum profile and extruder tonnage. The production of aluminum profile requires an extruder, and the production of aluminum profile also requires aluminum rods. Aluminum rods are the raw materials for the production of aluminum profiles. We need Knowing the cross-sectional dimensions and wall thickness dimensions of the profiles produced can determine how large aluminum rods are used for extrusion production, and the size of the aluminum rods also determines how large tonnage extruders are more appropriate for production. I want to say this to you It should be understandable. If there is something you don’t understand, you can communicate with the professionals of Wuxi Yimeide. If you speak out, we will introduce you one by one in detail. The following is a reference for some of the aluminum extrusion presses to squeeze the diameter of the aluminum rod, and hope to help you!

Aluminum profile extruder tonnage aluminum rod diameter specification
550 tons 80-85mm
630 tons 90mm
800 tons 120mm
1000 tons 127mm
1250 tons 152mm
1650 tons 178mm
1850 tons 203mm
2500 tons 254mm
3600 tons 305mm
Remarks (the larger the tonnage, the larger the diameter of the extruded aluminum rod, the larger the cross-sectional dimension of the aluminum profile)

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