Intrinsically safe infrared sensor transmitter GUG8F for mine

Good quality mine-used intrinsically safe infrared sensor transmitterGUG8F

According to different mine sites, the sensors that need to be configured separately are commonly used:

1. ZP-12C touch sensor

2. ZP-12S voice control sensor

3. GUG8S/GUG8FInfrared sensor

4. GWD100 temperature sensor

5. GQQ5 Smoke Sensor

6. GCG1000 dust concentration sensor, etc.

Product introduction of intrinsically safe infrared sensor for mine

The mine-used intrinsically safe infrared sensor is divided into GUG8F mine-used intrinsically safe infrared sensor transmitter (coal safety certificate number: MFA090094) and GUG8S mine-used intrinsically safe infrared sensor receiver (coal safety certificate number: MFA090095) according to the underground coal mine Various automation requirements use infrared invisible to the naked eye as a medium to monitor passing people or vehicles, and convert them into electrical signals, which are transmitted to other mining equipment for automatic control.

Functional characteristics of mine intrinsically safe infrared sensor

The infrared sensor can be connected to the mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe air door controller and the control box for the inclined shaft sports car protection device to realize automatic control.

When the sensor is energized and there is no obstruction between the transmitter and receiver of the sensor, the receiving end outputs low level, and when there is an obstruction between the transmitter and receiver of the sensor, the receiver outputs high level.

Technical parameters of mine intrinsically safe infrared sensor:

Receiver: Ui: DC12.5V Ii: 30mA

Transmitter: Ui: DC12.5V Ii: 10mA

No object blocking (signal received): output low level (V): ≤0.5

Object blocked (cannot receive signal): Output high level (V): ≥10

The maximum sensing distance is 8m.


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