Inspection method of walking machine parts

Today’s lathe processing equipment has many types, and different types of lathe equipment can be produced and used according to different use environments. It is necessary to check the parts to prevent the parts from malfunctioning. What are the commonly used inspection methods? Let us follow the editor to understand the inspection method of the walking machine parts.

  • 1. Observation method: Visually inspect the winding end of the new iron city stepper and the insulation in the wire slot to observe whether there is damage and blackening traces, if any, it is the grounding point.
  • 2. Megger method: Choose different megger to measure the insulation resistance of each group of resistors according to different grades. If the reading is zero, it means that the winding is grounded. However, for the insulation problems caused by damp or accidental breakdown of the CNC automatic lathe motor, it needs to be judged based on experience. Generally speaking, when the needle swings at “0”, it can be considered to have a corresponding resistance value.

Through the introduction of this article, we know that the inspection and adjustment of the various parts of the walking machine can use the observation method and the megohmmeter method, and it is necessary to select the appropriate method for production activities. The structure of the walking machine is the same as that of the eccentric disk. It is convenient to adjust the step distance. When the distance between the eccentric disk and the target value is not much different, you only need to adjust the fine-tuning device to save time.

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