Influencing factors of internal heat of CNC walking machine

The use of CNC machine tools can be said to be quite extensive now. Compared with conventional CNC machine tools, the main reason why they are welcomed by everyone is because there are outstanding advantages of compound processing in the process of use. The internal CNC machine tools Thermal influence factors.

  • 1. The structural heat source of the walking type CNC machine tool. Motor heating, such as spindle motor, feed servo motor, cooling and lubricating pump motor, electric control box, etc. can generate heat. These conditions are permissible for the motor itself, but have significant adverse effects on the spindle, ball screw and other components, and measures should be taken to isolate them. When the electric energy is input to drive the motor to run, in addition to a small part of the heat energy of the motor, most of it will be converted into kinetic energy by the motion mechanism, such as the rotation of the main shaft and the movement of the table. However, it is inevitable that a considerable part will be converted into Friction heating, such as heating of bearings, guide rails, ball screws, and transmission boxes.
  • 2. Cutting heat in the process. During the cutting process, part of the kinetic energy of the tool or workpiece is consumed in the cutting work, and a considerable part of it transforms the deformation energy of cutting and the frictional heat between the chip and the tool, forming the tool, the spindle and the workpiece to generate heat, and a large amount of chip heat is transferred to the table fixture of the machine tool And other parts. They will directly affect the relative position between the tool and the workpiece.
  • 3. Cooling: Cooling is a countermeasure against the increase in temperature of the core machine, such as motor cooling, spindle component cooling, and basic structure cooling. The machine tool is often equipped with a refrigerator for the electric control box to be forced to cool.

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