India Foundry Exhibition 2012

India Foundry Exhibition 2012

Exhibition time: 2012year3moon9-11day
Exhibition location: Bangaloreindia
GroupAppointCan: Cologne Exhibition Company, Germany
Exhibition cycle: Once a year
Organizer:Beijing Jiang Zhirenhe Business Consulting-International Exhibition Department

Exhibition Introduction: Indian castingexhibitioncastindiaexpo2012Sponsored by the Indian Foundry Industry Association and undertaken by the German Cologne Exhibition Company, it is held once a year. The exhibition area of ​​the previous exhibition:12,000Square meter , The number of exhibitors in the previous session:210Home, touring exhibitions in different cities in India, is the largest and most professional casting category in Indiaexhibition.The exhibition will be held concurrently58Annual Meeting of Indian Foundry Society.The last exhibition was2011year2moon11day to13Day, held in Chandigarh, India.
Exhibition background1: India’s metal casting (casting industry) ranks first in the world in terms of production capacity after the United States6According to the recent World Casting Census, India’s annual output of castings of various international standard grades is estimated to be approximately6Million tons.2: Production of various castings in India including non-ferrous metals, aluminum alloys, cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, etc., mainly used in automobiles, railways, water pumps, compressors and valves, diesel engines, cement, electrical, textile machinery, aviation, and sanitary pipes And accessories, among which gray iron castings are the main part, accounting for about70%.3: About the foundry companies in India4000Home where80%Small enterprises, the rest are medium and large enterprises each accounted for10%,in500Companies have passed the international quality system certification@Chemical large-scale foundry enterprises have strong competitiveness in the world. Most foundries in India still use carbon furnaces. Now people are increasingly aware of the importance of the environment, and many factories have also replaced induction furnaces.
Range of exhibition:1, Die-casting equipment; smelting equipment; various cold rooms/Hot chamber die casting machine (aluminum, zinc, Copper, magnesium alloy die-casting machine); various hydraulic presses, hydraulic press peripheral equipment and accessories; differential pressure casting coatings; investment casting; precision casting (special alloy and wax); die-casting molds; process control and squeeze casting; low-pressure casting ; Gravity metal mold casting; centrifugal casting; continuous casting; shell casting; lost foam casting.2, Sand processing equipment; falling sand equipment; molding core equipment; shot blasting cleaning and strengthening equipment; metal casting equipment; melting and injection equipment; investment equipment; conveying equipment; testing equipment; aging treatment equipment; coating equipment; core Drying equipment; special casting equipment; casting furnaces and accessories; burners and iron nozzles; non-destructive testing; refractory materials; casting materials; auxiliary products such as casting resins, casting repair materials and equipment; control equipment; testing instruments (temperature measurement Instrument etc.).3, Forging equipment; die forging equipment; ** forging equipment; extrusion, rotary forming, cutting, bending and twisting forming equipment; mechanical presses; automatic forging presses; hydraulic presses; automatic forming equipment; ordinary forming equipment; forging hammers; forging machines; Shearing machine; bending correction machine; coil plate uncoiling and leveling equipment; riveting machine; other forging equipment and accessories; forging industrial furnaces and energy-saving technology; forging automation control equipment.4, Casting and forging products: high-quality castings for various purposes (castings for automobiles and motorcycles, casting valves, gray castings, ductile castings, malleable castings, steel castings, alloy castings, precision castings, die castings, rolls, cast iron pipes , Ingot molds, artistic castings, wear-resistant castings, non-ferrous and special castings), gray iron, ductile iron, etc.

Registration procedures:1. Book the booth: After receiving the project documents, the exhibitor should fill in the attached “Exhibition Application Form” and fax it to our company after stamping. Remit the prepayment of RMB 20,000 per booth to our company account within three days after registration. 2. Exhibitors are requested not to bring exhibits suspected of infringing on intellectual property rights to the exhibition, otherwise all responsibilities arising from them shall be borne by the enterprises themselves.

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