Improvement of Roots Pump Rotor of LC High Viscosity

LC high viscosityRoots pumpIt is composed of gears, rotors, packing, pump body, pump cover, shaft, gland, etc. The roots oil pump has two forms of belt drive and gear reducer drive, which can be reversed, and the two ends of the shaft are equipped with skeletons. Oil-resistant seal, with an oil return device in the middle to prevent air intake or oil leakage. It can be widely used to transport petroleum and petroleum products (gasoline can be replaced with copper pump blades) and to transport various oils and liquids in factories. Such as crude oil, paint, lubricating oil, glass glue, oleic acid, toothpaste and light alkaline (soap processing) liquids, etc.; food processing can transport various liquids, such as soy milk, yeast, syrup, etc. The loading and unloading of various tank trucks and oil tankers is fast, efficient, easy to use, and can work in forward and reverse rotation.
The traditional LC high-viscosity Roots pump rotor process is a two-tooth rotor, which has relatively low work efficiency and wastes a lot of resources and energy. The Roots pump rotor independently developed and improved by our company has been changed from the original two teeth to the current three teeth. , The work efficiency is increased by 17% than the original. The performance is more stable. Welcome to consult and order!

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