Improve the structure of the ball mill liner

The connecting bolts of the end cover of the ball mill are broken, causing the end cover, the large gear and the tank flange to be unable to be effectively fastened, the transmission gear vibration intensifies, the expansion gap of the tank body is reduced, the temperature of the hollow bearing increases, and the bearing is burned in severe cases. , The driven shaft of the reduction box is broken, and the bearing seat of the transmission shaft is broken, causing the ball mill to withdraw from standby. Therefore, the structure of the liner of the ball mill must be improved to prevent foreign matter such as broken steel balls from entering the joint surface of the end cover and the tank flange, and reduce the occurrence of end cover overflow accidents.

The distribution structure of the tank end liner and the end cover outer ring liner is changed, the end cover outer ring liner is shortened, and the tank end liner extends to the end cover. In this way, debris such as broken steel balls cannot enter the joint surface of the flange and the end cover, and the connecting bolt no longer bears additional load, thus improving the reliability of the bolt connection.

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