Hygienic issues that operators of walking machines need to pay attention to

The core machine is equipped with a high-speed synchronous guide sleeve, so it can complete the mass processing of steel and stainless steel parts to achieve high-speed cutting of high-grade parts. It is equipped with a three-axis drilling function, which can complete the drilling and tapping of the shaft end of the part. Processing, and for customer parts, you can choose to install a power tool function module with front and side drilling and milling functions to complete the milling of various shafts.

In order to ensure that operators can standardize the operation of the machine, you need to formulate scientific and rigorous process operation specifications in advance and require operators to strictly implement them. For example, operators must monitor the production process throughout the process, and cannot leave the job without authorization, and irrelevant personnel are prohibited from contacting. CNC walking machine, etc. Maintaining the hygiene of the production workshop is a problem that many companies often ignore. A clean and tidy operation workshop is not only beneficial to the work of the workers, but some dust will not cause damage to the walking machine and affect the quality of the product, so the person in charge must pay attention to the production workshop Hygiene issues, avoid excessive rubbish and dust in the machine. The feeding part of the walking machine can be equipped with an automatic feeder, and the receiving part can be equipped with a short part catcher and a long part catcher to realize the “one person, multiple machines” processing mode that one person operates and cares for multiple machine tools, saving human resources for the enterprise , Reduce labor costs. It can also be equipped with various additional facilities such as automatic chip conveyors and form a flexible processing production line to complete automated processing.

The tool arrangement of the core walking machine adopts a two-axis control row type tool post arrangement structure, equipped with axial drilling function, equipped with side milling processing function, equipped with sub-spindle and sub-spindle end face power milling unit, which can automatically turn and process cylindrical surfaces , Arc, cone, round surface, end face, boring inner hole, turning thread, drilling, rigid tapping and other steps; can adapt to the compound processing of the side surface, such as milling polyhedron, milling groove, side drilling and rigid tapping And many other compound processing procedures; It can also drill, tap and mill grooves on the back of the workpiece.

The above are the hygiene issues that need to be paid attention to by the operator of the walking machine. If there is more information to know, please continue to pay attention to the website. We will update the relevant information from time to time for your reference.

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