Hydraulic roof bolter technology

Hydraulic roof bolter technology
When drilling a hydraulic bolt drill, if the drilling is relatively deep, it takes more than two times to complete. When used, it is necessary to use two kinds of drill rods according to the different construction procedures. Under normal circumstances, the choice of these two different drill rods is to first use the initial drill rod to drill the start hole, and then use the completed drilling to proceed. Deep hole drilling. Only in this way can the drilling work be completed better.

The no-load test of the hydraulic rock bolting rig mainly includes starting the pump station motor, outrigger dry running, and motor dry running. The operating handles on the host are placed in the non-working position, the pressure and temperature displayed at this time should be constant, and the liquid level is in the upper middle of the oil standard. The oil cylinders of all levels of the outriggers should be extended smoothly, and should be able to retract smoothly when needed. The main shaft of the hydraulic rock bolting rig should have a controlled operation from slow to fast, and in actual use, it should seem that the legs and handles do not interfere with each other.

  Hydraulic bolterAttention should be paid to fixing holes, drilling holes, connecting drill pipes, flushing holes and water supply. After the no-load test is normal, insert the hexagonal kelly into the hexagonal hole of the drill pipe joint, otherwise, you cannot enter the next working step. When drilling, it is required that the advancing speed and the rotation torque are optimally matched to achieve efficient drilling.

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