How to solve the problem of cutting tool on CNC lathe

In the machining process, CNC lathes may frequently have irregular cutting faults, most of which are located near the end face of the axle, and a few are located at the root of the axle journal, the root of the dust-proof plate seat or the dust-proof plate seat. Most of the cutter axles cannot be repaired and reused and scrapped. How to solve this problem? Our suggestion is to use the four-step solution: follow the four steps of “fault record in place→diagnostic analysis in place→fault maintenance in place→maintenance record in place” to quickly deal with the machine’s sporadic failures and a comprehensive maintenance method.

  • 1. The fault record is in place. When the machine fails, the operator should stop the machine to protect the site first, and generally do not cut off the power supply, and then record the details of the failure in detail and notify the maintenance personnel in time.
  • 2. Diagnosis and analysis are in place. Maintenance personnel should base on the accumulation of previous maintenance experience, comprehensively use modern machine tool modular maintenance method principle analysis method, alarm information analysis method, data/status inspection method, online monitoring method, isolation method, forced closing method, program testing method and work Media flow method, etc., analyze the fault diagnosis to quickly determine the possible cause and location of the fault.
  • 3. Failure maintenance is in place. Mapping, replacement and testing accuracy of worn or damaged mechanical parts, simple maintenance or overall replacement of electrical components and circuit boards, modification of machine tool parameters or processing procedures, etc.

The above is the solution to the phenomenon of cutting tools on CNC lathes. I don’t know if you have any understanding of the above content. There are more content. Please continue to pay attention to the website. We will update relevant information from time to time for your reference. Please look forward to it. .

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